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add speekers, or boom box


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anyone rock a boom box / ghetto blaster and just toss it in the back seat?


My 69 510 currently has the stock am radio, with one speaker, and although the PO said it works, i don't know how to use it / can't figure it out. So i have no tunes (am probably wouldn't give me tunes anyways) and i like tunes.


so my options are

1) install newer radio in glovebox or hidden somewhere and replace single speaker with 1 really good one just to get some tuneage

2) replace AM radio with new fangled one and replace single speaker with really good speaker

4) replace radio with new one, add front speaks in kick panels, rear speaks in/on parcel shelf

5) leave it along and toss a boom box in the back seat. I really only need/want tunes when i cruse alone so the space isn't an issue, I could use it in other vehicles (i have some other radioless whips), could use it at the beach ect


I'm leaning towards the ghetto blaster, just didn't know it it was actually too ghetto. Anyone else done it, think its awesome, have experience.


looking at the lasonic (super modern with inputs / bluetooth ect ) but still looks the part



OR to go legit with an early 80s panasonic or sharp to keep it JDM haha.

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seems pretty cool to just mod the stock radio. I'll need to look into it and see if i can figure out how its supposed to work and figure out why if there's something wrong with it besides me not knowing how to turn it on. That's really all i want it for is a little noise when i want it.


I need to remount my speaker too, i have that pesky ecu where the speaker is supposed to be, so its just flopping around.

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I really was leaning towards just getting a ghetto blaster due to its awesomeness and versatility. Well see. I'll probably still go that route, but the aux in for the stock radio would be a good little side project (like i need one of those)

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