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1985 720 rotors


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Drilled is  no longer required and when it was back in the '60s-'70s it was for venting gasses formed between the rotor and the pad when glowing hot. Pad tech and formulas have reduced this to almost nothing and never needed on a street vehicle. The holes also remove thermal mass from the rotor and lead to cracking from thermal cycles. You can buy sloted rotors if you look for them. It's a gimmic.

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Nope, not better than stock due to modern linings, but look cool.  But so did spinner rims.... once.  You want as much thermal mass as possible in your brakes.


Best upgrade to a 720 is the later dual stage brake booster. 

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Form should always follow function and NEVER the other way round. Functionally you don't need drilled rotors any more. The holes are a source for stress cracks. The rotor has the ability to absorb sudden huge amounts of heat generated by a panic stop. Drilling the rotor removes this mass and the rotors will over heat easier. So... looks are important or brakes work properly is important???

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That's the ticket. Some rare times an after market part is an improvement but often it's a cloudy distinction. After market parts are more often a fad and there's lots of money to be made selling you something you think will improve handling, braking or engine performance. Take catch cans. 75% of people with a catch can don't know why they have one, only that race cars do and so do all their friends. There is no justification for a catch can on a street car other than it looks cool?. 

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Other than looking "cool" you actually decrease performance because you are removing surface area for the caliper to clamp on. To compensate for this loss you would need to go with larger diameter rotors & theoretically you would be back to where you started..... save your money, quality vented brake rotors & pads (ie:ceramic) will be more than adequate to meet the demands of a hard driven street car.

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