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  1. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    I was telling my dad about what people use to wedge the chain and I told him I needed some wood or use a garden hose. He said just use the garden hose. he said it needed to be cut anyways so might as well use it for something lol.
  2. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    Yea pretty much. I jammed it in and wacked it a few times with the wrench I was using.
  3. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    All went well. I ended up using a water hose 😆
  4. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    They don't sell the wedge anymore. Its out of stock and on backorder
  5. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    I'm going to try this method today. Hopefully it goes well
  6. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    Damm I didn't know I was going to raise hell with this question.lol
  7. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

  8. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    Thank you tha thats a Nice piece. Yea I'm trying to avoid messing with the tensioner as much as I can.
  9. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    Turns out that wedge is out of stock. Dont know when they'll have it in stock again. Probably not. 😐
  10. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    That's pretty neat. Have you tried it personally?
  11. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    Thank you I was looking at that one. Im going to get it.
  12. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    I plan on taking off the head on my z24 and I've been looking for the wedge online that holds the timing chain in place so that the tensioner doesn't fall out and cause more work. Does anyone know where exactly I can get one at. I've been looking online and seen some. people say it fits, some say it doesn't? Can anyone point me in the right direction where they got theirs at. Thanks
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    I am Looking for the harness that connects the factory gauges to the factory wiring in a 1985 720. Thank you


  14. 85"720

    Widest 14" tire size on 720 2wd

    doesn't wider tires make it handle a bit better?
  15. 85"720

    Widest 14" tire size on 720 2wd

    so what size would you recommend as a upgrade?

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