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  1. +1 learned that from my dad.
  2. Update. Swaped cluster and everything working good. Speedometer works good too
  3. I thouggt the same thing. I tried doing that and it made it worse. 😓
  4. I think mine is the twist type. I'm not 100% sure. Dont have the truck at the moment to check it out.
  5. Yes Mine looks exactly like that. The speedo connection I cant recall how it looks but i thought maybe they gave me a 86 speedo cable or one from a Manual transmission if it was different.
  6. Hopefully I can. I'm looking for one. There's really no 720s where I live at.
  7. No it just got worse lately. It used to be 5 mph off throughout the whole gauge. I tried changing the cable but it wasn't the correct one. Is there a difference between the automatic and the standard transmission speedometer cables??
  8. Yes it does. I'm wanting to keep my cluster because of the odometer. Mine only has 140k miles on it. Would changing out my cable help out?
  9. I have a 1985 and my speedometer is all out of wack. GPS says I'm going 65mph while my dash says 90mph ?? At any speed it's incorrect. For the most part it's like 15mph off then it starts to get worse the faster you go.. How would I go about fixing this?
  10. Mines an 85 and it will lock up at 45mph. At light throttle its hardly noticable. you can definitely feel it with moderate throttle input.
  11. I believe the e stands for electronic if I'm not mistaking. Kinda like GM's 4l60e. 4=the amount of gears. L= longitude. 60 =the strength of the trans. E = electronic.
  12. Yea mine has a locking torque converter. I can feel it lock up at 40-45 mph.
  13. Mines a L3N71B HF38. Nope stock rearend. Grandpa brought the truck from the dealership with just 4 miles on it.
  14. Mines an 85 auto and I got the 3.889 gears
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