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  1. Mines an 85 and it will lock up at 45mph. At light throttle its hardly noticable. you can definitely feel it with moderate throttle input.
  2. I believe the e stands for electronic if I'm not mistaking. Kinda like GM's 4l60e. 4=the amount of gears. L= longitude. 60 =the strength of the trans. E = electronic.
  3. Yea mine has a locking torque converter. I can feel it lock up at 40-45 mph.
  4. Mines a L3N71B HF38. Nope stock rearend. Grandpa brought the truck from the dealership with just 4 miles on it.
  5. Mines an 85 auto and I got the 3.889 gears
  6. How Is your idle speed in gear?? Is is high? Fast idle cam can get stuck and make the truck want to take off on it's own with no input from the gas pedal.
  7. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    Does anyone know where the cooper o- ring goes on to. I got a fel pro headgasket set??
  8. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    I was telling my dad about what people use to wedge the chain and I told him I needed some wood or use a garden hose. He said just use the garden hose. he said it needed to be cut anyways so might as well use it for something lol.
  9. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    Yea pretty much. I jammed it in and wacked it a few times with the wrench I was using.
  10. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    All went well. I ended up using a water hose ?
  11. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    They don't sell the wedge anymore. Its out of stock and on backorder
  12. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    I'm going to try this method today. Hopefully it goes well
  13. 85"720

    Timing chain wedge

    Damm I didn't know I was going to raise hell with this question.lol
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