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I have a set of struts that came in my 510, and i don't know what they are. I have a feeling they are 4bolt s12 200sx struts.


I they work on my car, i have no desire to change them out, BUT i'd like to know what they are.


is there a way to tell what strut is is, or what it was used in, based on the part number?


my strut tube is stamped

[=O=] Nissan

54302 N8400

0 4 0 4




[=0=] being the nissan symbol, Atsugi is a city in japan, im thinking the 0404 is perhaps a date code? so im pretty sure the 54302 n8400 is the only thing that matters, google doesn't seem to know anything.

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found these from DATMAN.co.uk

54302 H5150    FRONT STRUT    RH 12" wheel model    B210
54302 S3425    FRONT STRUT    RH    C130 C110
54302 U7050    FRONT STRUT    RH    610
54302 U7725    FRONT STRUT    RH    810
54303 H5150    FRONT STRUT    LH 12" wheel model    B210
54303 H7550    FRONT STRUT    LH 13in wheel model    B210
54303 Q0500    FRONT STRUT    LH    C210 C230
54303 U7050    FRONT STRUT    LH    610
54303 U7055    FRONT STRUT    LH    610
54303 U7725    FRONT STRUT    LH rust damage    810
54303 U8925    FRONT STRUT    LH    810
54303 W1000 SH    FRONT STRUT    LH    910


so id take 54302 to mean a left strut, and the n8400 to be what model it fits....


I'll check when i get home, but it would be nice to verify that my other strut is a 54303.

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caliper is from a 240/260/280z

90mm caliper spacing

solid rotor



based on the wild interchangeability of the parts i don't think what brakes are on it is a good way to tell. PO said they were 200sx struts and im just looking to prove it, so i can know what im working with and research brake mods ect.


pics from before i took them apart



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so it all looks like 280z stuff to you mike? (that's what i thought the brakes were, to my knowledge the 240/260/280z stuff was all the same brake wise)


happen to know the strut to spindle angle on the z stuff? Maybe i just don't have much positive camber since its so slammed. I have camber plates and adjustable LCA's so i can probably get it right either way, but i'd like to know what im working with.

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i got 8 degrees when i measured my spindle angle. I measured from the strut tube to the spindle face. That number is screaming 280zx


looks like the z and zx both use 90mm caliper bolt spacing (which i have)


happen to know the numbers on the steering knuckle spacing?


what about diameter of the locating boss on the steering arm that goes into the bottom of the strut? I think the 200sx is supposed to be different (bigger hole in strut?) so without a spacer the steering arm kinda floats in there. I know my steering arm and struts fit together tight. I can measure if we know which size corresponds to which struts.

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ive been reading this thread too



dimedave posted up some 280zx PNs, none of which match what i have
7/78 - 8/81, L28E, 54302-P6525, alt P/N 54302-P9426
9/81 - 1/82, L28E(T), 54302-P9425, alt P/N 54302-P9426
9/81 - 1/82, L28E(T), 54302-P9426
2/82 - on, L28E(T), 54302-P9125, alt P/N 54302-P9126
2/82 - on, L28E(T), 54302-P9126, alt P/N 54302-P9426


still don't have a clue what they are....

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N84 appears to be Datsun S110 (1980-1983 200SX). Most of the S110 parts are N82-N87.


54302-N8426 is the catalog listing for 200SX "Strut Kit". I've seen this before where the strut kit is a revision of from the factory part number (the last two digits of the part number Nissan calls the "Distinction" indicating the "difference between similar parts"). Perhaps it may be they did not sell the original strut assembly 54302-N8400 to the public.

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thanks for schooling me :P

seriously would have taken me a LONG time to figure all that out.


so were thinking n8400 is a s110 (200sx strut). Which would make sense since the PO did say they were 200sx struts, and they haven't been matching what i thought s12 struts should be. Also (as far as i know) a really strange swap into a 510. I don't see a particular advantage, although they don't see to do the job poorly either. THANKS!

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The 200sx strut (same king pin inclination or "angle" as 510) can use the Z car rotor/hub/caliper on them.


While these brakes are solid rotors, they are bigger than the 510 (271mm vs 232mm rotor) and the Z calipers are a stronger design with less flex which gives a firmer pedal feel.


So while these brakes are not vented rotors, they are still a vast improvement over the OE 510 brakes.

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thanks dave, I have the z car stuff on there now.


I have never seen the stock 510 stuff, i assumed the z car stuff was better, but had no idea.


I also have some toyota 4 pots im planning to run with the 300zx rotor and a spacer so i can get the big caliper / vented rotors. The z car stuff actually feels pretty good so the swap isn't really necessary and not high priority, but its down the road.

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info i've gathered on those was this


z stuff is 2x 54mm pistons = 4580.4mm^2 surface area for solid rotor

s12 calipers early (79-85 i think) were 4x 43mm pistons = 5808.8mm^2 surface area for solid rotor (no real upgrade since the rotor heat is the limiting factor)

s12w calipers (86-95 4wd truck, and 4 runner up to 91) were also 4x43 for vented rotor (decent upgrade)

s13w calipers from 91-95 4 runner were 4x45mm pistons = 6361.7mm^2 for vented rotor. (overkill, wheel fitment issues cause they stick towards outside of car a lot, too heavy)


i have a set of the s13s, they are huge and they are heavy. If i put them on and i end up not liking the feel or the unspring weight, ill swap back, i'm not going to get all upset about it.


that's a 38% increase in piston area, and probably 50% increase in pad area, and a vented rotor. It will also shift the brake bias way forward (currently basis is too far rearward with 240sx disks out back and whatever master it came with) but ill probably need an adjustable prop valve to dial it in to where i want it.

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Back in the '70's Nissan got approval to run 4 piston calipers on the 240Z in FIA sanctioned events. Datsun Comp offered these calipers as the FIA caliper.


They were cast iron, made by Sumitomo and look exactly like the S12 Toyota 4x4 solid rotor calipers. I'd have to dig up the specs, but my guess is it is the same caliper right down to the piston diameter.


My 1200 racecar has 200SX struts, 240Z spec Mac Tilton aluminum hubs and the cast iron FIA calipers on the front. With good pads and brake fluid I have never had brake issues racing the car, even on very tight tracks.

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Regarding comparison of surface area of calipers. I believe with opposing pistons you only account for the surface area of one side when considering clamping force.


At least when you look at the effective piston area in a Wilwood catalog for opposing piston calipers, you only see 1/2 the total surface area of the pistons listed.


My guess is because one is under pressure but it doesn't count because it needs to resist the pressure applied by the opposing side to have any clamping effect. I suppose the true reality is 50% of the surface area is resisting pressure while the other 50% is exerting it and this would be why only half the piston area is considered.


In a single piston caliper all pressure is being exerted against the fixed frame of the caliper, so 100% of the piston area is exerting pressure.


Someone with a better understanding of hydraulics might be able to more clearly explain this.

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good to know that the solid rotors never really held you back with good fluid. I thought that might be the case with the 510 being so light. It good to keep the options open. I don't think my braking is poor now. I just thought i could improve on it for little cost. If its not a big improvement (new setup fits poorly or weighs way too much) then i can go back to solid rotors and pickup s12 calipers or go back to my z stuff.



they are both opposing piston designs though, so wouldn't the % increase still stand?  I know it doesn't directly relate to increase in braking since there are a lot of factors, but it *should* still give an increase.

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