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The right rearwheel jumps...

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Well, now the car began jumping on the right rearside, while driving slow, you are going up and down, easy to recognice.

Not sure, i think previous owned did hit something hard or something happend with the right rear wheel.


There is no problem with the wheels or tires, can't be. My guess would be a crooked drum or incorrect wheel alignment...

Any suggestions? Have no place to do this research for the moment since the garage is under maintance.

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Brand new tires and all but ok i will check them one more time when i get a jack.

Sure it can't be the drum on axle or anything that is bent? with the 15x8 varrstoen golds they did the same.


When stock 13x4,5 nothing wrong at all, now with 14x8 even more jumping... maby ur right.

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with the 15x8 varrstoen golds they did the same.


Now with 14x8 even more jumping...

That indicates a cause other than the wheels or tires. Still - it is so quick and easy to check the tires I would start there. One possibility is a bad shock absorber. In my opinion it is unlikely to be a bent axle or drum.


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A friend had a Pinto. He ditched it one night and driving it home the next day you could see ait under the front tire it was jumping right off the road! Sliding into the ditch had packed 5 pounds of wet clay into the back side of the rim. You would only feel this at speed.


The tire that I had with a bulge was most noticeable at walking speed coming to a stop. Less so at speed.

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Even new radial tires can on occasion have split sidewall threads. Look for a radial "dimple" from the tread to the wheel side wall. If you see a depressed radial line, take the tire back to the dealer, assuming you were the original buyer.

Can wrong Shank/mag lug nuts for alloys also do this also? i have taken a look on the tyre, it feels ok i guess, but as u guys said

you can't be quite sure, so i will have an expert to look at it. 

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I can't tell from your last post if you checked the tire. But if it was sitting for a long time, it will get a flat spot on the tire and you will need to replace it (I saw they were new, but not sure if it has been sitting). Look at it from the side when you spin it and from the rear. Some times you just get a bad tire ( I work for a tire shop and see it all the time)

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