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710/160J/Violet body parts


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Greetings from Finland


I´m new to forum, joined just yesterday.

I did find KPL710 -77, 1600 SSS 2d HT at attic, and managed to move it to my garage, legally.

Finnish climate, roadsalt wintertime, and last 20 years bad storage can be seen in this car.


I´ve been looking for information some days, and seem´s there isn´t any body parts available? I mean reproduction.

Am I correct?





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Body parts are usually found in wrecking yadrs here. That's about it, or maybe an overlooked Violet in someone's back yard? Hey welcome to Ratsun. We have several members from Norway, Spain, Greece and Britain

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Thanks, his site seems to be datman.co.uk.


Wreckyards here in Finland don´t store anything from that era. Only 90´s or newer.

Now and then you can make such finds as I did, but not often anymore.

And climate here in Finland ruins practically everything, if it is not stored indoors.

And Datsuns have allways have bad repuation when talking about rust :D.


I can send pics later. You will be horrified :D.


Here´s one, but in this pic it looks better than it is.


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Hi, Welcome to the site!


I was in Turku about 10 years ago, and there were a few junkyards with Datsuns, (Juhani Halmeenmaki took me on a junkyard tour - I'm not sure if he's still part of the Datsun world out there, but he would be a good source for information.) There was a pretty big yard in Tortinmaki, but from checking Google maps, it looks like it might no longer be in business:




I was able to pick up new reproduction fenders from the parts store in Finland for my 100A - it could be worth a try.


(and post some more pictures once you have a chance to wash all of the dirt off of that car!)

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