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  1. bayareawagn

    Need bumpers for 710 160j.

    Thank you. where were you able to find yours?
  2. bayareawagn

    Need bumpers for 710 160j.

    Dope! how much were you selling your rear for my friend? thank you
  3. bayareawagn

    610/710 Fiberglass coming soon!

    i am interested in some parts for my datsun 710. anything available? thank you
  4. bayareawagn

    710/160J/Violet body parts

    would you be interested in selling your front and rear bumpers
  5. bayareawagn

    Need bumpers for 710 160j.

    please help me source some early year bumpers for my 75 datsun 710
  6. bayareawagn

    B210 JDM grilles - feedback on an order of repros

    Still up for order?
  7. bayareawagn

    B210 to 140z/PB210 conversion! Parts Wanted!

    I love your car! I was wondering where you were able to source your tail light panel?
  8. bayareawagn

    620 tailgate and gas tank

    i was wondering if the gas tank would fit on a 71 521? thanks for any info
  9. bayareawagn

    The minimalist LZ22

    hey guys. thank you for the help. i've been out of the datsun game for a while now, and have been trying to get my truck on the road for a while, but have been getting lazy with putting it together. i really appreciate it.
  10. bayareawagn

    The minimalist LZ22

    i am having an issue with my lz22 build. i am trying to figure out what the position should be on the crank before putting on my timing components. i have the head on aligned with the timing marks, but i am unsure of the positioning of the crank. i prob sound a little stupid, but is the crank suppose to be tdc. any help would be greatly appreciated. pics with be awesome but not necessary. thank you in advance for any help. i really need to get my datto on the road!!!!! joamel
  11. bayareawagn

    IHI Turbo

    whats the lowest price you would go for this. willing to buy today
  12. im interested. i am located in daly city
  13. Still available? If so, where are you located. I'm located in SF, ca. How much for shipping to 94015
  14. bayareawagn

    All Datsun swapmeet car show at Pare Composites

    I really want to be at the show but had to back out last minute due to family reasons. Is anyone making their way back to the SF area. There's a 521 bumper that I would really want to pick up from THE510KEEPER but since I can't make it, I would love to put some money on top. I think the price of the bumper is $100. Someone help me please!!!!!!!! 650-303-2504 Joamel
  15. bayareawagn

    280zx non turbo 6 spoke wheels for sale (pics)

    thursday bumper pics now posted to ad

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