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Electric windows for 620


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It looks like a small "universal" electric window regulator (actuator), that was not specifically designed for a Datsun 620, or probably any other Datsun.


A window regulator is really not that complicated.  You have a sliding window, that is moved by a long lever, that has a bearing that moves in the track on the bottom of the glass.  The other end of the lever has part of a large gear on it.  There is a small pinion gear, that is turned by a crank, or an electric motor.  The lever, large gear, and the small pinion gear are mounted on a bracket that bolts to the door frame.


The electric motor is insulated from ground.  that is so either of the two wires ion it can the positive, or negative. this is so it can be reversed.


I would think the above E-bay kit would require some fabrication skills to fit a 620, or just about any other car. 

You may as well go to a junkyard, and harvest the parts you need from another more modern similar sized vehicle, with electric windows.

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The regulator and 'scissors' (I call it) The part that raises like a scissor jack. You will need to drill and bolt a small strip of metal over the hole in the door skin near the latch to provide an anchor point and swap the 620 channel the glass fits into onto the 'scissors'. The motor has three bolts yo mount it to where the manual regulator was. I think two holes line up? Hardest was getting the damn assy into the door. Worked perfect the first try. The pass door was a total bitch as it's the mirror of the driver's side so L&R were switched. Had to remove several times and try again. I got it but...



Would I do it again?  (no)

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Just out of curiosity... WHY?  I can see wanting power windows in a four door car or SUV. But a two door pickup? I don't mind rolling mine down. And there is no worries of a window motor failing, which they all do. And as a warning, cheap window motors fail quickly.

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It was a case of having the S110 regulators and having swapped the entire wire harness from a 720 including the '85 720 4x4 dash, 720 steering column, D21 power steering, 720 T-100 trans case and early Toyota front axle and F-150 leaf springs..... why not?

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The reason why i want to do it is so i don't have to reach over while driving to wind down/up the window. Cheers for that mike ill have a look around for someone that is wrecking a Silvia seems pretty strait forward.


Edit: Unfortunately i cant find any s110's in Australia any other suggestions?

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Agreed - don't use cheap motors. The Nissan motors I suspect were good quality. I have used genuine Ford and GM motors and never had a problem. The 620 glass is so much lighter compared to an LTD Brougham or Cadillac it will last a loooong time. These motors mesh perfectly with the 620 regulator driven gear.


Wasn't the S110 sold in Australia? It was 1980-1983 Nissan Silvia/Leopard/Gazelle/200SX.


If not you can with simple fabrication adapt motor. There is a writeup at http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Power_Windows

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Not any around for wrecking here in Australia unfortunately ill keep my eye on ebay to see if any pop up in america or else ill work out a way to adapt a GM motor do you think the regulator from a Vz commodore ( 04-06 Pontiac GTO ) would fit as they are widely available over here.

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