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Locost build

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I have been parting out a 720 truck, have everything sold off now I do not want,  I also just sold the shorty to someone local in the tri-cities. Anyway just about to start the build phase.


I have Variable SR20DE RWD and matching Transmission coming, I was going to to front driver flip to RWD, then I thought about it old trans incomplete SR engine with no electronics $$$$$. 


With the extra money I cleared form the truck, The SR engine is costing $825 currently, far less then modding the FWD SR, keep for parts or just sell it to a FWD fan boy got a pretty good deal on a long block.


Figure I have to start spending at some point now anyway.


Now advice:


I have the front hubs and brakes and the H190 rear a 3.90 open. 


Now Should I just sell off the H190 and go with independent or live ford or gmc for the LSD. I have been looking for a LSD center and have had no luck.


I thinking I can make the front hubs work with a drill, any suggestion would be good. Now since the build has started and the parting is done.







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You need LSD on a locost, at least that's what my wife's hairdresser says. Maybe not if its powered by a 60hp E1 engine. With a SR20 anything needs LSD I'd imagine.


An independent will look good. Subaru rear units are plentiful with LSD and bolt up at four points. Dont know how that matches the locost frame. http://locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1155&start=30

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Independent is too much work for the results. It's a truck, too tall and too heavy... it'll never be a car They are not as good for straight line acceleration as a solid axle. The H-190 do not have LSDs (well there was an LSD option for '89-'92 2wd 4 cylinder Hardbodys but never heard of anyone finding one.


Make the front hubs 'work with a drill' ??? Why don't they work now??

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Road warrior, gets the prize, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Locost  trying to keep the build around 5K.


On LSD they do exist I stumble on one in Japan by the time I go the auction figured out it was gone.


I am thinking of redrilling the hubs for 4 or 5 bolt.  but if someone has axles that fit and hubs that would work I would be willing to trade plus some cash since machining cost.  If I had the rear axle drilled what drum could I use that would be four bolt or what inexpensive disk setup a 110 "200Sx"?.

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What inexpensive disc brake setup fits the 720 rear axle? Dunno but I'd be looking for a lighter axle with more LSD availability. The last H190 LSD that was on eBay was won by a buyer in Australia.


Toyoda T-series diff fits in the S110 housing and axles too (if 23-spline) and LSD was only $800 from TRD.


RX7 has been a popular LSD/disk axle and you can redrill the axles for 4-on-4.5 Yoda/Datsun pattern.

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Here is the price list from the parts I sold off, sorry the formatting is off. I sold many parts to Ratsun members,  The build start is building the table to build the frame on I have two family projects in front.

720 Locost cost donor         130 Hood, valence Rat       45 Fan Shroud flea bay       140 Bench Seat Rat       48.4 Dakota wheel sold Scrap Did not fit     2 $ found in truck         71.26 Instrument Cluster flea bay       38.74 Mirrors   flea bay       10 Battery   local       34.87 Headlight buckets Rat       20 Passenger Fender Rat       238.83 Doors   flea bay       40 Motor   local       100 Bed and steering box local       20 Gas from old truck mower       20 for blinker shroud and switches flea bay     15 Driver side Fender Rat       25 Gas tank and sender Rat       37.65 Distributor Rat       200 Transmission Rat         Sun Visors         25 seat belts flea bay       40 Rear springs local         Steel rims         99.8 scrap steel $37.80, catvert $50.00, rad $12.00 local -25 Car Dolly           -10 Gas           -350 Truck cost         -80 tune up parts         -20 Dakota wheel purchase       -18.24 Headlight buckets shipping       -17.69 Instrument Cluster shipping       -12.35 Shipping on turn switches etc and steering colum cover. -136 Shipping for doors         -24.45 shipping for fan shroud       -68 Bench Shipping         -17.52 mirror shipping         -15 Packaging         -6 Booster packaging         -28.19 Packaging         -19.46 Packaging         -11.38 tape           -36.03 Packaging         -10.33 listing fees ebay         -25 misc.           470.91            
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I have some build cost, but not enough put together to post yet.  First pictures should be around May I will post pics of the SR20 engine and trans next week. Not the Redtop FWD in the garage, which is a mockup mule and a spare for internals and fitting headers.

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Well a update, might get some pictures at some point.  I am selling the H190 rear $50.00 and the starter and alternator pair for $50.00 and 720 front brakes as I get around to it.  I have all the parts I need on they came on SR20DE RWD has all that mounted. 


On the H190 the rear the LSD was driving the price up too high, $700.00 was more than I wanted to spend even though it was brand new.


I also have a 720 Flywheel and a SR20DE redtop FWD that I was going to convert to RWD, still a good project, just not one I will pursue.


For the rear I purchase a used but rebuild-able Dana35 with disk mounts weight 128 Lbs, for $50.00. Been cleaning it up, then will cut the brackets off for prep for the pan-hard mounts. Parts are cheap and available for this rear, gear-sets lsd's geared and fiction types. axle types 5 and 6 bolt. via rockauto, will work well in the 2x4 setup.


Have also started building the jig for the front of the frame.






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