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Starting an L20B on the Ground - What needs to be hooked up?


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I found an L20B locally that the seller is saying was rebuilt and will run. He says he pulled it from a 620 to do swap. He has it on a dolly and I would like to start it prior to buying it.


It is a decent drive from my place so my plan is to take everything I need with me to get it started.


So I will take a fresh battery, a 12v inline fuel pump, some fuel line, clamps and some fresh gas. I will also bring some 12-14 gauge wire and a can of starting fluid and try to fire it on the ground.


It is an L20B with a Matchbox Dizzy and a Weber DGV. The coil is there and so is the starter, alternator, water pump, exhaust manifold, etc. 


So if feed it fresh gas, hook up the battery positive to the starter and the battery negative to the block and run a wire to the coil from the battery positive, what else will I need to do to start it? 



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You need to supply power to the " B" terminal on the matchbox, and the positive on the coil.  The coil minus goes to the "C" terminal on the matchbox.   That turn on the ignition system.


I hope you know how to hook up a remote starter switch.

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I started mine on the ground a couple of weeks ago, but it was on a hoist to keep it vertical and wooden blocks on the ground for support. didnt move at all. Make sure you hook up the fuel return line (if it has one) and I used the third pic to wire up the dizzy.   http://community.ratsun.net/topic/50151-electronic-ignition-conversion-factory-datsun-matchbox/

Make sure everything is in tight, too. no loose spark plugs, etc. Think about what you take out/disconnect when you pull a motor.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that the stock 4 speed is attached. I wasn't planning to take the trans so I guess I blocked it out of my memory.

Yes, I have a remote starter sw. too.


The seller has a hoist we would use to put it in my truck so I guess we can hold it w that and some 4x4 blocks of wood.


To keep them in place for transport, I usually rest the engine in an old tire in the bed of the truck and ratchet strap it in place.


Thanks everyone.

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No need for a remote start switch. I've started dozens of engines sitting on the ground using jumper cables and a screwdriver to trigger the starter. Touch the screwdriver between the big terminal and the start terminal.


20 seconds is long enough to listen for knocks and observe if engine smokes when you rap the throttle. It won't overheat in this short time. Also start it with the vent hose off the valve cover. If you can see any fumes come out, it is a sign of worn rings. A good engine will have zero fumes.

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