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280 Zed for you Canadians.

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 Hey there, I have been missing from ratsun for a while. I haven't been too far you can always find me on the facebook page trolling for singles ;) JK....

I got this S30 280 Recently. $900 and it came with some pretty sweet front end damage, but that has been just about the only con, this thing runs amazing, I've cruised it to PDX and allover the greater Washington area. I am the 4th registered owner. The dash reads 52,xxx and it cant be too far off, maybe 152,xxx the interior NICE, apart from the vynal seats had cracked out from the cold over the years, put some racing seats in it and now Id pick up my grandma in it. 


 Pros for this build: 

    Interior is just about done already... Perfect headliner, door panels, interior trim, shaggy carpet, new seats.

    Runs nearly flawless

    Body is VERY nice apart from the obvious issues. 



  Brakes. They squeal, already got some pads.

  Body damage, 3rd owner slid it into a pole. Nothing structural damaged apart from where the hood hinge attaches. Had to go to portland and get a brown fender, hood hinge, and headlight bucket.

 Runs at 3/4 hot on temp gauge. When I got it the temp gauge didnt work. Reattached the wire, and it works now.... but it runs between half and 75% hot. It has never went any higher though and the cooling system seams to be working as it should.  I have not followed up with any other tests to check what it really runs at, but its been driving me around good. No blown head gasket yet. LOL  



Just want that low wide look everyone goes for with their Z's. With my own touches I love to be different. This is a daily driver.


Today I beat the front end as straight as possible with a sledge hammer, and put my new body panels on, there is still alot of adjustment to be done.


New fender on, Ill get pics up of it with the bucket and stuff on tomorrow...




An its good sides....















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So here it is slowly piecing together, need a new grill and too tie up some loose ends. Also the hood is still out of adjustment and the corner is a bit bent outta shape, but I feel with that said and the barrage of zip ties taken into consideration, this should be ratsun approved ;).....


Also see the wet stuff on the ground? Changed my pads today....  Then she soiled herself.... broke a hard line :/ She gets too sit in that parking spot In her own filth for two days untill lines come in. 




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