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I may need a new rear end for my 620 due to bent back plate.


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 I think it would be easier to just find a rear end that will fit and replace the whole thing. I must have pried so hard on the top side of the backing plate that it is bent severely along the top.  The drums were the original ones and my rear drivers side is so bent you can get up in the fender well and look at the top, and see the shoes.


It is warped and I must have done it a while back. I got the drum off had it turned and put it back on. I can't tell it's causing a big problem, but now that I've seen it I dont think I can live with it




It is pushed flush. I couldn't pull it any closer to the back plate even if I used the lug nuts. The top of the back plate is bent back a considerable amount.


I can adjust the brakes and the drum turns true but the top rear of the brakes are visible just by looking down from above.


What is my best option. Right now I'm gona drive it like it is. But I gotta fix this.

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Someone trying to pry the drum off?? lol?


That isn't going to work like that, the shoes won't be properly aligned to the drum no matter how they look. Pressing the bearing off is a bitch and many places won't do it. If you find another 620 axle just pop it out and the backing plate comes with it. Pop it in your axle and replace the shoes and cylinder.

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Someone trying to pry the drum off?? lol?



With a big ass crow bar about 3.5 feet long. I remember doing it years ago. I cant believe it;s worked as well as it has. Not many 620s in Alabama. I think I saw one at pullapart couple days ago. It had the rear end. Shit. It may have been an old toyota. I better go see.  Crap crap.

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On the rear end. I had a 620 at one time with a rear end from a different, newer Nissan. The stance was a couple inches wider and I remember Taking the brake shoes off and trying to match them at Autozone. We finally came up with maybe a Frontier?


The brake line block was welded onto the axle in a spot that would punch a hole in your shock on the rear drivers side, Tires stuck out just a tad further than normal but it worked. Sorta.




I have pulled the entire axle out on a 79 620 the ridge was so deep on the rear drum. The new drums from local auto stores don't have the bolt holes to help remove the drum. Probably will drill and tap if I ever get another on like that before it goes on the truck.

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bang that shit back stright enough from behind. Just cheap stamped steel.


It's stronger than it looks. The only rear end at pullapart was an 84 Nissan pickup. It was about 1 or two inches wider and about 1/2 inch closer to the tranny.


I may see what I can do with a hammer and couple of strong clamps. Not much room unless I drop it.

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It was likely a 720 if just a couple of inches. Hardbodys are even wider annd newer truck have been getting even wider again.

Yes I think you are right. when I measured everything yesterday and went to pullapart I was close to removing the rear end from such a truck, It would fit without much trouble especially since I don't have an emergency brake. I couldn't get the drive shaft unbolted from the rear end so I took the brake booster with MC attached.


I haven't had time to drive further than down the street and back with it on my truck but could tell it fixed my no pedal- no brake issue. I had to swap places with the front/back brake line connections on the MC and of course it wasn't a bolt on part and had to be fabricated some what to fit. Maybe I'll consider it a 1st step toward the front disk changeover.


I also removed the axle and back plate just to see how hard it is. Easy. So now I feel better about pulling mine out to bang the back plate back flat.

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