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Tire size


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That's a super tall tire for a 16. Especially at 265. 


The 13's that came with these were 70 or 75 series already. 






The side wall height(70) is the percentage of the width. 

70% of a 265 is a BIG tire. 


What wheels are you trying to use?

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I think the 720s were 195/75R14 standard and 205/75R14 for the aluminum mag while 4x4s got 215/75R15s.


The 4x4 with the most clearance could run a 29" diameter tire without too much trouble. The problem with this is the extreme loss of power as the Z24 powered 720s also went from 4.375 down to a terrible 4.11 differential

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185/75R14 are 25.5" diameter 2wd 720

215/75R15 are 27.75" 4x4 720

265/75R15 are 28.8"

265/75R16 are 29.9... 29 is considered the cut off for stock ride height 4x4 720 tires.

Unless I'm calculating it wrong, I'm pretty sure 265/75R15 is 30.65" and 265/75R16 is around 31.65

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Unless I'm calculating it wrong, I'm pretty sure 265/75R15 is 30.65" and 265/75R16 is around 31.65


It is closer to 32" when installed on a 7" wide wheel. I had some on my 4wd Frontier Crew Cab.



These are helpful when figuring out tire sizes:







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Corrected. Those were for 235/75R15 my bad.


265/75R15 and 265/75R16 are too large and will rub. 29" on stock truck will rub slightly on bumpy turns 4x4ing. Raising the torsion bars or a body lift might reduce this.

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I have the 265/75r16 on my truck on late 90's z71 wheels with the torsion bars cranked and about 2" longer shackles in the rear.  Almost all the finder trimming you can do on the front closest to the floorboard and if turning and more than a slight hill they rub.  But the tires were free to me and close to new.  By the way it is a 85 720 4x4 regular cab.  Oh and turning to sharp on flat ground they also rub.

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4x4 sit higher so tire size is even more critical for a 2wd. So no, doesn't apply to 2wd. I think the 720 tire size is about 26" diameter 195/75R14 and 205/75R14 for 2wd and 215/75R15 for 4x4 which are almost 28".


Larger diameter, besides lowering clearance, also affect the over all differential ratio making acceleration more sluggish than it needs to be and adds speedometer error too.


Always keep the stock diameter. You can always select a tire with more width for traction and looks. A stock 2wd tire is 6.7" wide and a 225/65R14 is identical but an inch wider.

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I had 4:11 differential and 33s on my 620. The tires made the engine think I had a 3.329 differential. Hardly used 3rd in town, highway was hard to hold speed limit in 5th. Had to down shift every incline and if it was windy I stayed in 4th.


I destroyed my 4.375s and a 4.11 was all I had laying around. 4.625 or 4.875 would have been the tits.

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Don’t do it - I’m regretting my decision on 255/70/16 . My 4WD is 3.9 gears and that dropped to 3.3 with those tires . Truck is doggy slow . Now I’ll loose money selling my Goodyears to buy more Goodyears . 
I’ll sell you mine - lol

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Just to confirm hahaha. 30x9.5xR15 on 15X7s will rub and will make the truck run sluggish on 4x4 720? I really like the stance and tire/wheel combo on this bushmaster. I bought the wheels already but haven't purchased the tires.



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