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1979 Datsun 510 Wagon Help


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Hey Guys, I Recently picked up a 1979 Datsun wagon to learn on and make into my own custom build.  Its not the Pretiest car, But it will do the job for me.

I hope when i am down with her it will look killer!!!!



Anyways Here is how she sits. I have a Two Questions. The right wheel feels like its shaking when you hit a certain speed and then goes away. I am thinking its a bushing. I think i found the problem, But i have no idea what it is or needs. Part of the steering colum. I took a video if needed.

It moves up and down








I also need to get a key made for the Ignition switch, But i was wondering if there a technique to get those two bolts out? Do i have to drill them out?





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Looks like the idler arm bushing is worn. You could swap the two front tires and see if the problem moves to the other side. Maybe the wheel is out of balance?


To remove the ignition lock all you need is a hack saw and screwdriver...








Tighten them back in, done....







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To unbolt the steering lock, use an icepick or center punch to knock the headless bolts counterclockwise. Take you time and be patient and they will eventually unscrew. Some guys cut slots through the bolt heads, but that will also partially cut the aluminum bracket and look bad.

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I used a drill to put a slot in the screwhead.  In my case I was replacing the ignition because it would get stuck and didn't work right.  Most 78-79 510s I've had had the ignitions replaced so the keys don't match.  When I got the new switch, it came with 2 new breakaway bolts which I didn't use.  I just used the 2 new standard bolts and the 2 old standard bolts.  If someone's gonna go to that much trouble to actually remove the clamshell and remove the steering lock assembly, breakaway bolts aren't gonna stop them.  Especially since they can just punch out the lock in 5 seconds.


The worn out steering part is the idler arm.  Last I looked, you could get both rebuild kits (new bushings) or an entire idler arm assembly at Rockauto.  I've had to replace a few.  But a vibration at specific RPMs is usually a tire issue- out of balance, or a broken belt internal to the tire.  You can check that by rotating the tires front to rear and seeing if the vibration migrates with the tires. 

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