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89 hardbody Z24


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I picked up an 89 Harbody Z24 with throttle body injection.  It came with the with the throttle body & the intake..  I have a 86 kingcab with a wore out carbureted Z24.


My questions are:


Is there a difference in the compression ratios of these two motors?


If so, is it enough of a difference to where it would not be a good Idea to carburate the injected motor?  This is my DD.


Is there a lot of parts I would need to locate to setup the TBI motor in my 86 kingcab?


I know absolutely nothing abou TBI.

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Throttle body Z24s are called a Z24i. You would need all the EFI wiring from the Hardbody and somehow put it in the 720. Or get the wiring harness from a EFI 720.... they did come with a similar setup from April '85 through mid '86 when the Hardbody came out.


You will need any EFI sensors such as the O2 sender and exhaust manifold to hold it. And a high pressure fuel pump. Perhaps swap the tank from a Z24i 720???

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If you want to stay carbureted you'll have no issues using a Z24i long block with all of your Z24s accessories, ie: intake, exhaust, distributor.. etc...  its the same basic engine.


carbed TBI motor ..... Farmers 620 http://community.ratsun.net/topic/3811-my-77-kingcab-620-ka-swap-running/page-20




There is a dude on here with a carbed VG30 510 also. 

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CAS is that the crank positioning sensor?  Guys I do appreciate your time and information.  I spent several hours on the internet trying to answer these questions before posting.


The libraries here in Phoenix dumped all the repair manuals years ago, now for a fee you can look at online manuals for a specific make year and model vehicle.

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CAS is crank angle sensor. Z24I has a CPS built into the distributor (Cam position sensor). On the interwebz people mix the terms. In any case it is not a separately replaceable sensor like on some engines.


Try the county or state library system if Phoenix doesn't have one. It does not need up be a make/model/year manual, a Chiltons 1980-1989 Foreign reference manual will cover it too. Or get one for $10 on eBay or amazon.

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The '86 FSM I have describes the Z24i as having a CAS with the photoelectric cell and degree wheel. #22100-07G00, same as used on the 720 Z24i.


Cam Angle Sensor is more for signaling which cylinder gets the injector signal but not needed on throttle body injection. Also the Crank Angle Sensor gives 360 degree and four 90 degree reference signals including a TDC #1 so RPMs and extremely precise engine timing control can be computed.

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I have been watching ebay for factory service manuals but they are running high priced.


With the info you all have provided I think I will go ahead and run the Z24 I carberated and rebuild the original block and set it up for the TBI.  I need to get my DD on the road ASAP.  Thank you again for all the info. All the libraries here have gone electronic for car repair.

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I now have a 1987 D21 2wd automatic transmission, shifter, trans control box, ecu, and a wiring harness that is missing engine wiring and is cut where it goes through the floor to the tank fuel pump and the tail lights. 


Was there a lot of change for the engine throttle body controls from the 87 harness to the 89 harness.


I found an 1987 FSM online for $143 plus shipping but this is out of my price range.

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Try places like the Salvation Army, antique and thrift  stores and pawn shops. I find they usually have a books section and there are always auto repair manuals. I wouldn't pay more than $20 for an authentic FSM and only a few for a Haynes.


I would imagine most of the engine controls were the same up to '89, the last year for the Z24i. Any changes would be emissions related like the specs or settings.

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Thank you Heretic, I have the 89 in PDF format it is the 87 that I need and Mike you are correct that is not the Nissan Factory Service Manual.  After buying my first FSM for my 521 I had in the 1980's nothing compares.  I am hooked on OEM manuals.

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