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Rerouting Brake Lines


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I recessed the SR20 into the firewall and it doesn't much leave room to route the brake lines on the back.  It looks easy enough to only route two lines instead of four, but anybody do anything different like run the lines on a cross member or into the hollow spot by the windshield wipers?

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The clutch master and the steering column are the biggest reason a larger booster doesn't fit.


I ran a Toyota 4x4 SAS on the front with the 4 pot calipers and the stock '78 master worked just fine.


Rear disc will require swapping a disc brake residual valve into the master, no biggie.

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I just finished routing the front brake lines for my SR 510 under the engine along the crossmember if you want to check out the last page of my thread. They came out pretty well

 That turned out pretty clean, but I think I would add a soft line or a few coils to allow for body movement on the truck.  I was thinking about using a short section of braided line instead of the loopy coils to save a little space and clean up the look.

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i didnt take any good pictures , but i went down under all solid lines. i left plenty of spots for body flex. it didnt reqiure drilling any holes, i did have to tuck it above steering parts, that was the only challange i came across .

Take some pics, I'm can't picture what you did.  I assume you made those loopy coils.

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