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car has been sitting 7 years Im getting no Spark from the coil


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car turns no spark through coil was thinking of hooking battery up to coil + to see if i can get her to jump . I'm pretty sure the coil is shot or the regulator but ill see in the morning . ordered the parts anyway also spark plug wires a master cylinder ,a master slave cylinder and clutch master cylinder a starter  . waiting for ups . . . . expecting this week car has been sitting for so long i figure majority needs replacing . 

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ck the ignition fuse.

if good you shoud get 12volts on the blk wht wire going to the ballast resisitor. and about 9 volt to the +side coil.


If yes then its in the distributor.


I bet the coil is fine. I never seen one go bad in 4 of my datsuns.


ck the points. condensor


take the center coil wire and place to ground and fire it up.


get a test light. if points take the alligator end put it to the +side battery. then take the pointy end and put it where the point wire hooks up to. have soembody start the car and the test light should go on and off and the points close. if test light stays on then the points or condensor is shorted to ground. as the coil charges up when point is closed then the coil fires when points open

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I really think you should sell this car.


like I said did you cycle the linkage to the carb and look to see if gas is squirting in there. YOU NEED TO CK THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If not gas is squirting in there then the carb needle valve is sticky not letting gas in or the float sank or the fuel pump is not working cause there is no car in the car or the fuek pump is bad.

To ck the fuel pump take the line that come out of fuel pump and goes to the carb. disconnect at carb. pull off and have soembody start the car and the pump should be able to shoot alot of gas out. Point in safe direction.



once get running sell the car . Dont let it sit 7 years. the battery is maybe going bad also from lack of use. Put on battery charger

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brand new battery and I've never started the car before . i got it from family member and I'm going to check the gas line thanks for all your help your very helpful to me . this is a very nice car just needs to start and its all good from there I'm not much on cars this is my first project so bare with me lol i didn't even have tools till i went to auto zone lol . 

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Ok gas so going to the carb correct? Now cycle the linkage with your hand and look inside the car top and ssee if you see it shooting in. yes you got to take the aircleaner off and look.



points and condensor is in the distributor cap. if you dont know what it is then best to leave it alone as you might fuck it up even more. Cause I think you have a fuel issue to me as you said you sprayed starting fluid in there and it ran. You could pour some gas(a little) in the carb . it should fire off also.

or the wire is missing of the down side of the ballast resisitor and when it goes to run it stops.


best to get a local 510 guy to help you and maybe he will buy it off you.


dont swap anything you bought to put in the car. if you changed the dizzy cap hopefully you put the wire in the same spot.



if its the stock carb there is a site glass level you can see and should match up with the line on glass. If no gas in there its Obvious. If you have a weber carb then this is why I say cycle the gas to see if the accell pump works as this indicates a full bowl of gas in the carb

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it jumps like it wants to start then but no start still maybe spark plug wires and spark plugs . it almost starts with a title gas pumping but seems its missing a power boost idk my mecheanic is coming to help after work was just trying to get hands on myself and almost have it . thanks very much for your help and suggestions everyone

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