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Help!! broken spindle *towed for the 1st time*

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I guess you call spindle where the front disk goes attached. Well this is my story, I was driving to our Nissan/Datsun club meet and in a slow turn but bumpy my front right wheel broke. I was like wtf? I gett down of the car and looked the worst thing I ever wanted to happen. Of course I thank God that happened on a slow turn going 40km/h and no on the road going 100km/h.


So this is it, I woke up this morning for surgery......and it has 2 damages. The first one the spindle and the second one the caliper base bent a lil bit.


My questions are:


Is it safe to bent back the caliper mount? Cold, hot??


And the all time discussion, which strut assembly is a direct swap. I saw once someone that cutted the original strut assembly in half and welded another one from another car, I guess a 200sx. I have a spare strut assembly but is a lil bit rusty and if I cannot get the parts for an eventual direct swap, well I have to use that one.


Please I need some advice from you guys.



p.s I took some pics for you to guide.












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damn you got sum bumpy roads down there or what?

never seen a spindle do that!

I wouldn't bend back the caliper mount...too much riding on it to do it safely...

replace it with another stock one or upgrade the whole strut assemblies to the 280z stuff...

just my .02

good luck!

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The thing is that some time ago, I had bad bushings and they adjusted the spindle insted of changing the bushings, so the spindles were a little tip down. Recently I was quoting here for correcting the spindle to its normal position. No, the roads are not bumpy, but in that exact place is a difference betwen the asphalt and concrete road that they never fixed well. I could grab that corner a lil bit slower, but because a f***ing ricer that was close to me, I couldnt brake enough and bump!

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Depending on the wheels you are running you may want to run 280zx struts, they are more of a RWD offset, the s12 struts are closer to FWD offset. I have s12 struts and 17" wheels with a +40mm offset fit without a spacer. I tried +47 but they require a spacer. I would find some new struts any newer ones have bigger spindles than stock and bigger brakes. Just seeing what happened to your stock struts/spindles I wouldn't run the stock ones.

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Sure Duke, I have that in mind.....but as my car is my daily driver, I cant wait longer. I have that in mind though, maybe at the end of the year.


Here are some pics of the work did on sunday.


This is me compressing the coil.




And the spindle, my last spare :S



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