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Is this oil pump shaft wrong??


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slightly more to the right(clockwise)

dial up the crank to Zero keeping it tight then ck your cam marks and the oil/dist spindal.

if using a screwdriver or stright edge the line will be right of top hole left on bottom hole

or as shown here


I can send a vid if you like.PM your full name and address

I have been batting a BIG Zero for cash flow back(maybe send 5/10$ back) from the last 5 DVDs sent out


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Is the 1st and second lobe of your cam at 10 and 2 oclock, second are you at TDC meaning your 1st piston is at TDC..I used an ol skool trick, turn the crnk using a socket, I think its 19-21 mm. place some toilet paper inside spark plug #1, when are nearing TDC or at TDC the toilet paper will pop out. You can also stick your finger, screw driver or something in #1 and you will feel it rising. This is hard to do if you have to turn the crank...requires 2 people.


To answer your question, it looks very close to 11.25 position. some say 11.28 but I have an ol skool datsun book and it says 11.25 position relative to time that is.


Good luck....

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Well I did have the valve cover off cause I was making sure the cam was right. It looks right according to the book but both #1 valves are closed and the piston is up on the compresion stroke I also noticed the dist rotor is not quite pointing at #1 on the cap so that's why I was asking if it looked wrong.

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