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ok i found this diagram before now i cant for the life of me


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i am hours away from dragging my 510 wagon home its getting fuel and no spark he had it running then it stopped the guy i a potthead and does not rember what he did the wiring is all weird i had the ignition diagram for 510s but now i have nothing i searched to but all i get is alternator wiring diagram help?

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ok ok just by looking at this diagram and looking at the wireing fiasco this morning i can see the problem this guy smoke way to much pot for one and too he has a wire hooked to the distributor hooked to the turn signal and the black with red is hanging on a screw not even tight

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if you would have bought him a sack and got him stoned and then asked him what the rat nest was all about he would have told you what he did and why he did it. if you've never smoked pot let me tell you it doesn't make you stupid it makes you artistic and open to understanding complicated things ie wiring. if it makes you stupid than you than you were stupid to begin with.


unfortunately most people that smoke pot also do other things like speed and coke and herion ect. those are the people you have to watch out for. SO LEAVE THE POT HEADS ALONE AND BE DOWN ON THE TWEEKERS.:fu:

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btw i hate it when i google something simple and cant find a simple diagram of something. everything including naked bitches pop up and i think i'll look at you later but right now i need this diagram. so i reword it 50 million different ways and still i end up having deep in some forum i dont want to be in just to find what i'm looking for. i feel ya on that.

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