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Okay, I feel like a total idiot.


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What the heck are the grey and/or black metal pieces that sit just behind the quarter windows on a 610 Coupe called? How do you remove them? Mine are rusted waay out and I wanna redo them in black. But I can't figure out what they are called.


That little silver/white j swoosh thing behind the windows.




I'm gonna feel like a moron once someone tells me what they are.



Thanks guys!


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Left 82810-U1004 and right 82811-U1000 weatherstrip. I like trim pieces better


I think I agree with you on that one! XD



Thanks guys for the answers! I appreciate it.


Is it terribly hard to find new squeegees for the backside of the J-lines? Or will something generic work I hope? (mine are crumbling to dust.)

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