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  1. EdwardK

    Salvage Yard 610 - "Anita"

    Alrighty~! Back to working on this beast since the truck decided to take a dump. She also has a name now, so things are getting serious. "Anita" because I need a car for college. I just ordered everything needed to get her back running and on the road, just a couple of things to address first, hydraulics all need to be flushed and checked for leaks, tires, fiberglass the bad holes until I can take the windows out and weld everything and I'm giving it a crappy once over rattle-can job to inhibit rust at least temporarily. Here's the new color, not particularly happy with it, but it'll work And another swatch to show the difference Also you may recognize the wheels from my 280zx because that car has been put up on blocks and is gonna be parted out as a lost cause. If I can locate a pressure washed to borrow I'm going to undercoat everything including the engine bay Anybody want my old steelies? And also lastly, the door latch just went out, and I discovered this in the door... It looks like a shotgun blast... But anyway, I have a timeframe of about twelve weeks to get her up and running, so I'll keep everyone posted. Also as a side note, my carpet is completely ruined. I was thinking about finding a cheap victorian style rug and cutting it to fit. I think it would look so ridiculous it'd be cool.
  2. EdwardK

    The Tofumobile

    Let me see if I can find another truck in one of the local scrap yards first. If I can't I'll definitely go this route.
  3. EdwardK

    The Tofumobile

    It's a Kirkey race seat of some sort. I bought it from a guy who was selling the parts off his Spec E30. It's actually surprisingly comfortable with the padded cover.
  4. EdwardK

    The Tofumobile

    Can you get me some measurements off it? Depth and diameter? I may be able to recreate the cups.
  5. EdwardK

    620 owners roll call

    Westminster, SC 1974 620 L18 400k+ (Smokes like hell! New motor soon.) "The Tofumobile"
  6. EdwardK

    The Tofumobile

    So... It's been a while. I haven't got a whole lot done what with bouncing between jobs and getting my stuff together for college. Uhm... Cheap poaint, changed the tires again (This size fits sooo much better), and did a couple of piddly things here and there. Nothing major yet. However, driving home yesterday my cab decided to hemorrhage. I knew the rust was bad, but I didn't think it was this bad. So, I'm still undecided between fixing this cab, or sourcing out a new one. The passenger side, if I remember correctly is perfect. But I haven't had the carpet out in a couple years. I'll go check it later today I guess. And of course I'll leave you guys with my usual 'just for giggles' photo. I actually might end up putting this in here, as it frees up a lot of legroom for my 6' 3" body... But I dunno yet. Anyway, if anybody has ever fabbed up cab mounts let me know. It doesn't look particularly hard to make the cups and weld them in. And barring that it anyone has a decent cab here in the southeast they're looking to get rid of drop me a pm.
  7. EdwardK

    Salvage Yard 610 - "Anita"

    So uhh... *Maniacal laughter* ... Okay, so I'm not putting a 302 in it at this time. I was cleaning the shop out and that happened for shits and giggles.
  8. EdwardK

    Salvage Yard 610 - "Anita"

    I'm thinking I might just put the CA in the truck and put the L18 back in until I can afford a N/A SR20... I like the weight losses, and would love to have ITB's under the hood.
  9. EdwardK

    Greiggy's '78 Aussie 620

    Hey, just read through your thread and caught up on it. Awesome build man! Mad props! Loving the truck so far, hopefully you can get the head redone quickly and be cruising soon. I was wondering though, why'd you ditch the CA18DET? (I'm thinking about putting the one I have in my truck instead of the dime.)
  10. EdwardK

    How many would trade a 610 for a 510?

    While I absolutely want a 510, I wouldn't trade my 610 for it. I might would part with the 610 for an exorbitant amount of money and then later buy a 510, but trade? Doubtful. :/
  11. EdwardK

    "New" '81 280zx

    The Z is alive again. Planning to weld up the frame rails and do some cleaning up and see if I can sell/trade to get a 240z. Little thing I've noticed is that the oil pressure climbs waaay up when you're on the gas... Blow-by?
  12. EdwardK

    Salvage Yard 610 - "Anita"

    I'm still stumped with the turbo thing right now. I've got the Transmission and drive shaft all tucked up where they go, but the motor is still on the floor. ...And currently there's a '65 Sunbeam and a '80 Rabbit sitting in between the motor and the 610. lol
  13. EdwardK

    Salvage Yard 610 - "Anita"

    Oh jeez sorry for the late response! I can do that, or if you want I'll sell it to you.
  14. EdwardK

    Salvage Yard 610 - "Anita"

    $40 to me sounds like a more than reasonable trade-off. But I've never tried this myself.
  15. EdwardK

    Salvage Yard 610 - "Anita"

    I'm going to agree with you here. I think with the right brake and m/c combination it would be just fine. As long as I can still lock up the tires, I'm happy. (Not that locking them up is a good thing mind you.) Like I said before the Z31 MC's are really short. Iunno if they'd work for this application or not, but it would definitely clear fine without the booster on.

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