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Suspension 4 link coil over conversion 2wd


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I want to build a drift 720 truck like what they did in japan(garage Miniz) i seen links and coil overs on jegs.com but would probably have to have to fabricate my own brackets. I do know you need c notches and cross member for rear coil overs. i can get the 720 sideways with the stock suspension by clutch kicking. But to much body roll. Any other ideas to eliminate body roll besides rear sway bar?

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The front suspension is already independent. Any mini truck 4-link kit would work to convert the rear to a 4-link. Coil over mounts are fairly simple to fabricate.



Do you own and know how to operate a welder? If so, the easiest modification made to build a drift truck is welding up the rear diff. If not, you may want to rethink your plan as it is the 1st thing you will need to have and know how to use for any suspension 'conversion'

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Drop spindles are a good start. First off these trucks were engineered to haul garbage to the dump and drive easy. The 720 suspension is a little better than the previous king pin stuff but barely. With the stock front control arms your stuck with very little adjustment and bad positive camber issues with body roll. A bigger sway bar will help a little, but the positive camber with still exist. Only way to truly set it up right is with adjustable control arms for camber change caster change and roll center adjustment. The rear can be setup fairly easy with the correct roll centers and a faily neutral squat with room for adjustment if you build the brackets correct. I just found a nuetral position on our 521 project and left it their. The rear you need to be carefull your not building oversteer or understeer issues into the design also, which is very easy to do especially with triangulated setups. I suggest you really study chassis design and how they work before you make a medeocre handling truck worse.

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