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Removing strut nut.... Can't get it off

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I'm working on my 280zx conversion for the 510.  I'm trying to remove the nut holding the strut cartridge in place.  Here is a picture of what I've tried using to no avail.  I haven't had any luck finding a 50mm socket in town.  What are my next options?  Do I try to order a 50mm socket, or is there some other trick?



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I usually loosen that nut while the strut is still on the car.  If not, mount the tire and lay it face down with the strut on top.  Grab your pipe wrench and tighten it down on that sucker.  Whack it with a good heavy hammer a couple of times and that should loosen it.  Also, try some PB blaster or such stuff in the threads.

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Is the cartridge centered in the housing? The strut could be bent. Then you will have to drill from the bottom and use a punch to hammer it out. Don't drill through the cartridge, easy to do. But then you still might not be able to put the new strut back in.

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It's all good.  Everything is apart.  Thanks for the help guys.


I noticed the new Tokico cartridge comes with a new retainer nut (the one I was struggling with).  It does not have a rubber seal built in or one that goes around it.  That confirms to me that Tokico does not feel it is necessary to surround the cartridge with fluid.


Thanks again for the help,


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