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Share your vintage audio equipment!!!!

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In other threads it has come up and I have even chatted via PM with some members about it so I think its time we have a vintage audio thread. I dont think any audiophile is anti modern but lets try and keep it on task and the hate to a minimum. We all have a preference on sound so lets just share and enjoy each others equipment.

Right now I am running highly modded 72 vertical Klipsch Cornwalls. Crites tweeters, ALK Xovers, fastrac wood horns with Ti diaphragms for the drivers. Had to cut my own motor boards for the horns so I decided to convert them from vert to standard and due to having to mount them high I run them inverted so the tweeter is closer to ear level, the upstairs neighbors love that the woofers are again the ceiling too lmao. I also fabbed up 10gauge cables for them and did some mods to make the cabinets seal better and be more ridged. 




This is a pre mod shot while trying out some intake Altec horns. They sounds extremely clear but kind of tinny and sharp so I opted for the wood. Plus my wife was way over me mounting external shit on top of the huge speakers on the fridge etc... lol 



I'm pretty happy with them now. The biggest problem is I live in a studio lmao

For stereo I run am all tube 60's Fischer 500c. I have recapped it and swapped most of the tubes though there are still a couple issues to take care of. 

I use a Niles box to switch over and use them with a onkyo in 5.2. Bose 301 rears with a axiom VP150 center. Its not all timber matched but it sounds pretty good. I have the driver to build a new center and rears using horns to help match them up better but have yet to build enclosures. 

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I used to have an old Sansui 9090DB that was the best sounding stereo head I've ever had. It was so fucking clean. I WISH I never sold that thing. Got $300 on Ebay for it. 


My family is pretty big around vintage audio equipment, mostly because my grandpa and dad are electronics junkies. My grandpa has a lot of audio shit left over from 70's-80's that is still in brand new condition. Some of it rare, some of it just plain fucking cool.


My dad brought these back for me. Sat in my grandpa's study since the 80's. Barely ever used. Perfect shape in every way. Sony produced these quite a long time ago.. from my understanding the very first square speakers. The quality is pretty great. 



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Well the basement I have a set of Dahlquist 9's getting fed by an Eathquake Nova.


The nickname "Tank in a tux" is well earned :blink: , not as clear sounding as the B&K tho B)  



Bedroom has the Dahlquist 10's Mirrored and rebuilt back in 08, :w00t:  powered by a bridged B&K 2500. :thumbup:






Real fun when they hear other critters in the room! :ninja:


@ K_Trip, I had a Marantz at the TV shop I worked at while in high school, that thing was a beast, I wished I still had it.

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I have a Marantz 2230 pushing some Athena AS-B1-1 bookshelves for my computer system along with a dedicated DAC.  The Athena's coupled with the Marantz provides amazing sound quality.


The garage system is a '70s era Sanyo DCX-3300/3500 quadraphonic receiver with a pair of Cerwin Vega R-26 speakers.  Not the best sounding combo if you like a full range, metal sounds "ok" on it, but play some trance and the system really shines.


FYI, Marantz was in Sun Valley not Santa Ana......at least that is what the manufacturers plate states on my back of my 2230.

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My Akai GX-747 non DBX. the DBX is more money but actually needs to be modded to use modern tapes.




My Pioneer RT-2022 (combination of RTU-11 transport and TAU-11 amp section, add another amp and different headblock and it becomes a RT-2044)



Nakamichi 670zx. not as valuable as the prior two, but my prize playback piece.



my most recent cassette deck find. Harman Kardon CD401, Awesome deck, almost compares to the Nakamichi.


my current amp/preamp. Rebuilt Hafler DH-200 amp, driven by the front end of a Kenwood 6004.



cassettes. over 600 now.


mid grade blanks,



this was one corner of my living room at my old house, I have since sold some stuff




for some reason I cont find a picture of my speakers for the life of me. I will report back......

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a shitty Iphone oic of my Infinity WTLC (Wave Transmission Linear Column). 1977 vintage.





and heres them with the tops off, not quite as pretty. the cone on top is the "Walsh tweeter". Infinity was the only company to use them until very recently. the frequency response of the speakers is 30hz to 28khz. not that any of us can likely hear that high anyway.



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Wow nice stuff everyone. 

Ktrip yours arent modded but you sure do have a much nicer space to let them shine! I dream of the day I get to hear my rig on even a semi open space and not in a studio lol. 

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nice man, that thing should sing.


My dad had a 2270 back when he was in college, he bought it brand new with JBL L-100s and a Dual 1229. Then they all got stolen from his appartment.


72240z, did you add any bracing to the inside of the cabinets when you rebuilt them?

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Sounds like that Marantz is going to sound awesome when you get it back. 
I actually had a 2270 too that I sold when I was forced to move in a hurry a few years ago. Someone got a AMAZING deal on it too because my back was against the wall. All of Marantz's, what I call heavy, receivers/amps were just great. 
I'm not familiar with those caps but it seems most need hours of listening to break in initially. For sound sections in mine I used AudioCap Theta's and they took a little while to break in for sure, man do they sound sweet now. I have a lot of experience with the Nichicons in regard to power sections, they are great caps. A lot of my main power caps are original including the canisters because I'm too lazy to make my own and too broke to buy nos ones. One day thats going to bite me in the ass. I already had a grid cap blow on me last year. I must have been quite a site in the case when it popped, you can see how far it arced to the wires and such. 


I still find messing with these things very intimidating.

In all fairness I didnt rebuild them I just fabed and swapped the motor-boards. I have been on a hunt for empty cabs so I can bring these verts back to their original glory and sell them to someone who will apreciate them, right now I have all the original stuff in storage. Seems a big waste considering how rare the verts are. Ya though I braced the rear panel and tried to seal it better as well. The spl's flex it and air leaks out when really pushed. Idk if I solved the problem but according to my last frequency test I gained 6Hz down low, from 34Hz stock to 28Hz when I measured. I think 28Hz is damn respectable but its really at the cost of having huge cabnets lol. Pretty sure I can get lower if I replace to original woofer drivers but I dont want to get into that until I swap cabinets.
I dont have an after pic but here is a before when I was still mostly stock besides crites xovers and tweeters. 

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sweet stuff, what are you using to test your frequencies?


I love those Cornwalls, I am an Infinity man myself, but those are sweet. I recently met a guy that had Klipschorns, they were totally sweet as well.



as soon as I have enough money, or enough equipment to trade in I am going to get a set of Infinity QLS-1. Those are My dream speakers, well, bar the IRS-V, but I dont got $100,000 to spend on speakers, and likely wont.

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One of today's yardsale buys...

(I think I overpaid)





I also got a newer humdrum 5 disc carousel CD changer (that turns out doesn't work... yet).

And a nifty booming Kenwood (I think) receiver.

= $15


no pix but...

few weeks back... pile of Bose speakers at a yard sale (no big whoop. Bose... a name I know). A complete Acoustimass 6 set

all the wires satellites, sub etc. and some medium sized Bose book shelf speakers. Asked the dude how much.

He said don't know... "make offer". I was half joking and expected him to laugh at me when I said "$5"

He said "Ok."


Yardsales is fun.

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