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  1. I feel ya. Whenever I bought bolts for my car for anything other than replacing existing bolts, I always bought metric. Hell, even the LS1 I have in my Z is all metric (which I know pissed off quite a few domestic mechanics!). When I got the T3 GTX kit, I was a bit upset that they were SAE hardware.
  2. I have those on my Z. Nice setup.
  3. Fuck you 510freak.....I followed the Walmart link and now that shit cannot be unseen. God dammit, fuck you again.
  4. 20? Try 30 years ago.....30 years!!!?!?!?!?!?
  5. .....and you've not stopped playing it. I love music, all kinds of music, but I have not come across an album in a LOOOONG time that has hooked me like this. I've been playing it non-stop for a month straight. Go running or exercising in general? Yep, its playing. In the car? Yep, annoying everyone around me. Lying down for a spell to just chill and zone out to music? Yep, only thing on the playlist. I don't bother with a playlist in general. I put this album on and hit repeat. Who is it? Soilwork, album, The Ride Majestic. There is not a bad song on the album. Not ONE. BAD. SONG. There out stellar pieces such as Death in General, The Ride Majestic (Angelic Aspire) and even just The Ride Majestic, and Father and Son, Watch the World Go Down, but all songs are great. Death in General https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TQi9FXMsDQ Father and Son, Watch the World Go Down (no Youtube original, a drum cover with album in background....but you get the idea) Whirl of Pain (a little mellow, maybe similar to the above 2, not in my top 3 but just indicative of the overall album) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPP6ryRWsl4 Anyone else? What album has just entranced you to the point that it is all you want to hear?
  6. Do not worry about a negative feedback. Seriously. You have a 500 feedback score. You are being held hostage by Ebay and this POS buyer. He can only leave you negative feedback once. Write the most scathing, expletive ridden email you can. Bring in his mother, his upbringing, and just nuke his ass. Fight it with Ebay. Again, it's one sour review. Chalk it up as lesson learned. Don't let him win on principle. You don't know the condition of the seats when you will get them back. He could piss on them, slice them up, etc. and then you'd be stuck.
  7. It doesn't matter if the rails are harder to find the seats, or including that no rails come with the seats, it is the buyer's responsibility to verify what he's purchasing. If rails are not pictured, then he should ask if rails are included. But she also clearly stated that you're buying what you see. This is just a retarded buyer.
  8. .....and they will challenge you on the miles. I just signed up with them and wanted 7000 miles. I got a call asking how many miles was I really going to drive, where was I driving, purposes of my drive, how many errands was I really going to use the car for, etc. Don't think that you can sign up for Hagerty and then DD the car or even use it for a quarter of your DD needs.
  9. ktm

    JCCS 2015

    Yah, the drive home for me last year was a bit.....warm. Not to mention the traffic sucked on 710 with all the damn trucks leaving the port.
  10. Just found these two bands recently: In Search of Sun Ghost Ship Octavius
  11. I fully agree with the misconception that edumacation = money, and I have my masters in engineering. I keep telling my wife that our daughter does not feel as though she has to go to college. I just want her to learn a trade/skill or earn a degree that will support her through life. I keep saying that trades are the way to go nowadays and that she could be one of the sexiest plumbers (folks would love to see that ass crack), electricians, welders, etc. in the business. College tuition is completely out of hand. It has constantly risen faster than the rate of inflation and is now not worth it unless you get a degree that will provide a pay that you can offset the loans necessary to obtain the degree.
  12. Dude, I;ve been doing a lot of reading/lurking on this forum and you have an amazing way with words at times. This had me chortling good on a conference call with work, so much so that I had to mute myself.
  13. Seeing a dead body jolts you, but seeing someone die in front of you messes you up for a bit. My wife witnessed a fatality around 6 weeks ago while driving to work. A motorcyclist, while merging over to 57S right past Diamond Bar Blvd, ran into the back of a Honda Civic and dumped the bike.....unfortunately he was right in front of a semi. The tractor drove over him while my wife watched it all happen one lane over. See saw his body bounce after every axle passed over him. As for the jumper, as soon as you said Cal State Fullerton I knew they were going to be asian While living in Hong Kong and southern China, the news always seemed to have a brief clip about someone who jumped, asphyxiated themselves, etc. Jumping seemed the most popular given all the high rises.
  14. ktm

    Pic's of your Z

    I've been debating for a few years whether or not to put covers on my LSx swap. I like the raw look, but the covers do clean it up a bit. I may ultimately go with custom covers as I do not like the "Corvette" embossing. I flipped my fuel rail as well which is proving to be a challenge with the covers.
  15. Congrats! There is nothing like finding a place that feels like a home. I don't want to rain on the parade, but just wanted to provide some perspective. Home owners will always be in it for the money or to at least recover their costs. Not to be an ass, but can you afford to buy now? If not, I don't know how successful you'll be in a years time. The landlord may be great, but they'll not float you the mortgage. They'll want cash (not payments) and you'll need a bank loan. It's not the landlord that will be the douche but rather the banks. Where they will be able to work with you, though, is on realtor fees or improvements For instance, say you negotiated $250k for the place using a realtor. Assuming 6% realtor fees (both parties), their "take home" would be $235k ($15k in fees). Now, if it is just you and them negotiating, you could by the place for $235k since realtors are now out of the equation. Additionally, if you do not care about improvements that "need" to be made to close the deal (i.e., new paint, new carpet, etc.) you would be able to lop off another $10kish. Self-,managing properties SUCK. I've been doing it for 5 years and hate it. Our tenant is fucking awesome, but I hate having to run over there to take care of shit. It's not the money that is the concern but the time involved. Also, we lucked out with our tenant. They've been amazing, taking care of the place better than we did. We'll probably sell next year when they finally move out.
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