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1980's Volvo 240 DL front lip, good fitment - DIY


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Hello all, 


Wanted to share one of my DIY front lips. I think it looks much, much better than a DIY home depot lip that some of you may be familiar with.


I went to the local pick and pull and looked for a 1980's Volvo 240 DL. There were many there but only 1 had it's front lip! I'm sure all the Celica Supra and 240sx guys have already picked them! 


Anyway, this mod is pretty simple....



Tools / Supplies Needed:



-10mm socket

-Efficient clean cutting tool (to make clean, straight cuts.) I used a  3in. cut-off tool http://www.harborfreight.com/120-volt-3-high-speed-cut-off-tool-68523.html

-Zip ties! (no flaming on this one!)

- 1980's Volvo 240 DL Lip



After you get your lip take this time to thoroughly clean it and re-spray it black! It's worth it!


Next, before you cut anything, test fit the lip under your datsun with zip-ties.


I have a '79 HLA10 Sedan so I have a some what wide wheel base. I had to shorten the lip in length by ~about~ 4"


If you are using a 240 DL lip and you are going to shorten it -- look carefully and the length in comparison to the vents... the appear to be centered but they are not! You must cut (if necessary; which it is....) on the driver side of the vents. there is more length to the lip on that side.


After you cut the desired chunk from lip (SEE PIC) it's time to X-stitch your zip ties. (You can get really crafting if you're capable and use plasti-weld or something.... but i didnt care. I drive a bucket and proud of it!)


Drill some holes on both cut edges of lip and lace up like some shoes! Zip tight! Done!


Now mount onto Datsun, have a beer and enjoy.


It seems to me like this would only work well if you still have your front bumper still attached. I am also unsure if this would look decent on your PL510, but it looks alright on a HLA10, granted PL510 guys have a cool BRE option for a lip  B)


Pics of my lip very, very soon!




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