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Me and my brothers Datsuns.


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Heya from australia...after being a member for a month or 2 i thought id post :)


here are our cars.


Mine is a fairly standard 72 model 1600.


Atm its got no head after a blown headgasket and im deciding what im going to do...either a ca18det conversion or build up a NA weber'd l18 which would cost alot less than the conversion.


Its got some suspension mods such as aftermarket std height springs, koni rear shocks, crappy monroe fronts, adjustable frotn sway bar.







My brothers 1600 is a 71 model. Was l20b with twin 45's,ported head, ~10.5 compression(this motor is now in the a10 stanza or 510 you call it over there, more details to come after this one ;) ). It is now undergoing a ca18det conversion :D


Specs of the motor:

CA18det Engine (Freshly rebuilt hasn't even been run in yet )

Trust 20thou Over Forged Pistons

Race Prepped Shot Peened Rods

ACL MLS Steel Head Gasket

ACL Race Series Bearings

ACL Chrome Piston Rings

Gates Timing Belt

Brand New Head Studs

HKS 2530 turbo

4 x Bosch External Coils


Hes got a heavily ported head coming from japan with 270dur 10.25mm cams, solid lifters, tomei springs, 660cc injectors(modified injector location), no inlet butterflies, adj cam gears.


Pics of head




Pics of motor in now with old t3/4 that came with motor.




front coilovers with 300lbs springs

Re-valved bilstein inserts and rear shocks

Torana radius rods/castor rods

Nolthane bushes

custom king springs rear, 1080lbs

Adjustable sway bars front and rear

Adjustable strut tops

Rose jointed adjustable lower control arms



BMW 4spots with AP disks on the front.

Disks and calipers on the rear



pics of car.





And his a10 510/stanza...


Pretty stock externally, lowerd springs and a sunviser for the sleeper look.





Engine: L20b, balanced bottom end,

1mm oversize flat top pistons,

Headwork includes larger valves, porting,

Adjustable cam gear, 74 degree Cam.,

Datrally manifold, twin 45mm weber's

Alfa fuel pres regulater, Facet electric fuel pump,

2 and 1/4 exhaust, extractors,

S2 bluey electric dizzy,




Ok thats it :P

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The butterscotch one is clean! My vote is CA power :D


What kinda power is your bro putting down? Sounds like he has a nice build on both engines.


O I like the sun visor to :)

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I like those 510s and Austraila/Been there 23 times and LOVED it. and the women too.


Thanks hainz, next time you come down come to melbourne and attend the ozdat thursday night pizza function :P.


can you get me a non-turbo CA intake manifold? (RWD style)


Could probally get you a turbo one...Is it that hard to get ca18 parts over there to make it worthwhile getting it from aus?


very nice,love the wheels on the blueish/green 4door what size and what are they?works?ssr?


Wheels are SSR longchamp xr-4, 15x7 +11 with 195/50/15 tires.


The butterscotch one is clean! My vote is CA power


What kinda power is your bro putting down? Sounds like he has a nice build on both engines.


O I like the sun visor to


The car is still under going the transplant. We are having all sorts of problems with the fitting kit which is surposed to fit but doesn't :(. Hoping it'll put out 230rwkw but thats pushing the 2530 abit.

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