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Dim Headlamps and Dash Lighting...


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Like pope said...it's a time consuming job but undo all dash connectors & get in there & clean the connections with a small wire brush or Dremel. When reconnecting them use lithium grease to keep the crud out. Also replace the dash bulbs or just wipe em off. The tricky part is just gettin up in there to access the connections.

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you can always run relays to your headlights so they draw full power directly from the battery.


I have been thinking of redoing the relay setup in my 73. doing it like how i had my 71 dart. Bosch relays and a separate fuse box just for them. might make the lights a bit brighter but then again it might not with only 37w low beams. damn i really need H4s in that beater.

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I'm redoing the headlights on my car, so I bought a pair of Eurolite H4 conversion housings to fit in the stock buckets. They fit alright in the stock locations (a little small, but that can be remedied with electrical tape), but I noticed that the stock low-beam connector resembled an H4/9003 (same bulb) plug... I haven't tested it yet, but I think you may be able to simply reuse the stock plug for your H4's by swapping the high-beam wire into the low-beam connector.


Note, this is only what I saw on the 521... not sure if the 620's are the same, and I'm not sure if it'll even fit. Also (and this is mostly personal opinion bolstered by some research) I'd go with 9003 bulbs rather than H4's... it seems most of the H4 bulbs are manufactured by Eurolite or Japanese companies and have a blue coating on the outside on the bulb. I think they're generally for appearances, and most seem to run from $30 to over $100 per pair. I use 9003 Sylvania Xtravisions myself... not sure if there's a lot of difference over most stock bulbs, but I like em... usually about $15 each.


Sorry for the long off-topic post... =P


DatsuNoob: I love the way the front of your truck looks in your Avatar... I know we've got different models, but I hope mine looks that slick when it's done...

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If i can add to this. I now have brighter headlights after doing my 50 amp alt. upgrade but i still have intermittent / dim / flashing dash & signal lights. The signal lights flash when i turn the switch on but that makes the high beams turn on [when H-lights are on] . Could this be a improperly wired headlight switch [aftermarket] ? Sorry for the hijack Fuelrags :D

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Pac: Do the highbeams flash in time with the turn indicators, or are they just constantly on while the turn signals are on? Only when you use either the left or right indicators, or both? Do the hazard lamps make a difference?


I couldn't really tell you what's happening, but I'll assume it's a short somewhere on the switch... if they're on constantly, then maybe you're grounding out the highbeam switch together with the turn signals. IIRC, the headlights are switched on the ground side... Is the switch new, and did you check all the connections after installing it?

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