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New member, and looking for advice (510)

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Obviously I'm new to ratsun, but I've been in love with the 510 ever since I became obsessed with cars (Around 16-17). My past cars have been 2006 Evo IX and 2010 E92 M3. My current car is a 2013 Evo X and a 1993 Civic Si that I daily. To be honest, now is the perfect time for me to get a 510. I want to buy one that's a fix er upper and do all the work myself.


The problem is it seems to be hard to find a 510 that's priced accordingly. The only one I found was on ebay and was wondering if you guys can give me your opinion on it. 





Just wondering if you guys can also point me in the direction of websites/forums where I can find a 510 (4 door preferably) for sale. 


Thanks Ratsun!

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good luck finding a decent 510! its called the leno effect. rusted out shit boxes are fetching top dollar right now. 


Thanks man! That ebay link I sent you, don't know if you could tell me what is the max I should pay for it? New tot he 510 and don't want to overpay. 

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well, its at 3k and reserve not met... your prolly gonna sink 5 grand into that to get it. cherry ride tho. can i interest you in a nice mid 70s 620 or perhaps an s30?

510 has always been my dream, but I wouldn't mind a S30 or 620. Pics? Condition? Price? You can PM me if you want. 

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L20b, SU carbs, spray bar, Zx tranny, uncracked dash, on the Least Coast? That is a serious money pit Reserve is probably 5-6K.

Do you mean money pit as in those will break eventually or money pit as in those are good and the price will be high? lol

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Do you mean money pit as in those will break eventually or money pit as in those are good and the price will be high? lol

price will be high. u could probably find a decent shape one over here and have it shipped to you for less than that car

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I wouldn't pay over $4500 for it....


Keep waiting.  There have been some better ones on eBay in the recent past for around $6000.


Decide if you want a 2dr, 4dr, or wagon, and concentrate on that.  If you don't already know, the wagon has different suspension.


Datsunrider71 had thoughts of selling his:



I'm not sure why I can't Personal Message you, but you may try to P.M. justplainjoe.  He's in the Kansas City area and thinking about selling out.  See what he has.



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Hover over a members name and click the send message button. If youre on mobile, click their name and click "send me a message.


I think it's because I'm new but there is no send me a message when i hover over a members name.

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Yeah thats weird... I cant send you a message either. 


Yup weird!

^^Yeah, I'm wondering it it's something new they added!?


And, justplainjoe has sedans....

And since I can't message him I just messaged him on his wall or whatever. Hopefully he sees it and gets back to me.



How do you guys feel about this http://medford.craigslist.org/cto/3905718785.html

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