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No right taillight on my 620...?


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Okay, I believe the truck I have is actually a '79, and my right (passenger) brake-light is not illuminating when the brake pedal is compressed. I have traced it up under the dash to where it meets the wiring loom and am not sure where to proceed from here.


Looking for suggestions please!

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The brake light is disconnected on the side the turn signal lever is moved to. This allows the flasher to flash just the one side.


Take the wheel and the two piece clam shell off and the signal switches are right there. Look for the Light Green/Black stripe wire... this goes back to the combination brake and turn signal lamps. In the neutral position the Light Green/Black stripe and the Light Green/Red stripe are tied together and both side light up when the brake is applied. When a right hand turn is indicated the Light Green/Black stripe wire is disconnected from the brake and the turn signal flasher applied so it flashes.

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Hot damn! I love this site!!! After much confusion and feelings of stupidity, I tested to see where I had power on the blinker switch connection, found the part not "connecting", cleaned it and now I have taillights!!!



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I spent about two hours years ago trying to figure out how the signal can flash only one side of the brake lights when they are tied together. When apart you can see the brake wire being disconnected and the wire to the flasher substituted.  On mine it turned out the solder had let go. Blob of hot solder and back on the road.

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