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New to me Sundance 16' Datsun Powered Jet Boat

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What i need right now is some advice on the reverse bucket, as you can see by the pic in my previous post it appears that the origial one is long gone and someone has made what is on there now. It doesnt look like it will work vey well.

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Welcome. When You get a chance, if You are comfortable doing this, please let Us know two things: Your hull number and the engine block number. On three of Our four boats, the engine block matches the hull number. This starts out as CUN and then a few numbers. The last four numbers are the month and year Your boat was built. For example: 1074 would be October 1974. If Your engine block has CUN on it, then You have the original block. One thing that has become apparent from all old photos that We have is that cleats and running lights were not installed from the factory. Most of Our boats do not have cleats and no two boats have the same running lights. We think We have one boat that is pretty much wired as it came from the factory but the rest have all been rewired with no two alike. It would be interesting to see a few pics of the wiring under the control house inside and Your throttle mechanism. Another thing that seems to vary are the trim plates. Only two boats so far have matching ones. These can also be used as "steps" to get back in the boat from the water. Another thing that varys is the water line routings. Mark's and Mine are different and run abour 20 degrees different but not critical. We have had discussions on what the correct way should be. Another thing still is that of the 12 or so boats that We know of, only two have the same trailer and no two trailers alike have the same attaching rigging at the front. We have wondered many things on this subject. Why would trailers be changed out over the years and not more Sundance boats have the exact same trailer. Lastly, does Your boat have the Sundance decal on either side of the hatch? My yellow boat stillhas it and a few pics have surfaced of that same decal. Yes, You have a homemade "reverse" gate. Originaln are cast alloy. 


Enjoy Your boat ! ! !   Make sure before getting too far away from Your trailer that it is "sea worthy". In 60 or so launchings the only problem that I have had so far was a $4.00 ballast resistor failure. When I replaced it I purchased one with the "coil" impregnated in a rubberized "goo" that prevents vibration, which resulted in My failure. 

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Your pics are very helpful ! Thanks for posting them !


On Your Hull number, which should be cast in the fiberglass on the right rear (just next to where the trailer tie strap hooks) it should be CUN then a few numbers before the last four, which should indicate Your boat was built in January 1975 (0175). The one on My yellow boat is: 000181074, so it was built in October 1974. Possibly the 18th boat of that month. Can You post a photo of Your cast number please. Also, when trying to register Your boat, Arizona wants You to take a pencil and with a piece of paper over it, rub the pencil in a sideways motion onto the paper. As kids We used to do this over pennies, etc. I am not sure if other states require that to be added to the forms.


Your wiring looks to be very origional. One of Our boats has that rubber plug that I see inside the boathouse. None of Our boats, however, have fuse panels. I am guessing that somebody added that. It is an intelligent decision though. Once again, another trailer type. Also, Your lighting is a totally different type. Your trim plates are like the ones on My yellow boat. Do they have a name cast into them? You can adjust them to keep the bow of Your boat down at speed. We also use them to climb back into the boat.


Is Your ballast resistor hooked up? I don't see any wires going to it.


VERY important is Your jet gear oil. I stupidly changed Mine out with Lucas synthetic oil without reading the sticker on top of the jet by the filler/vent. Take a rag and wipe there. You should see a sticker in about 4 different languages saying to use ONLY 30 weight NON DETERGENT oil. A big discussion has been done locally with the main opinion coming back to this: Do what the sticker asks. Back when these boats were made, synthetic oils were not used much. There is a reason that Castoldi wanted 30 weight NON DETERGENT in those gear boxes. Synthetic is too thin. More on this topic later but bottom line, I might have made a problem for Myself by not knowing about and following that sticker. Mark and I actually have found the oil We need at the Dollar Store. When We first were looking parts stores didn't even have it in stock. Check that jet oil before starting Your boat. If that gear box is dry You will not be lubricating the bearings. Mark and I now check Ours before every launching and sometimes during the day when We take a break.


The chain steering wheel, even though looking very cool, will annoy You I think while boating. First, it will reflect back into Your eyes on the water and that is a bummer. You don't live where We do which many times is over 110/115 degrees on boating days. Have that steering wheel sitting in the sun and then touch it....... OUCH ! !  My yellow boat has a black steering wheel with rubber which stays cool and does not reflect. Just sayin".

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I will check for the hull# and the trim tabs tomorrow and let you know what i find, The ballast resistor wasn't hooked up when I got the boat but I will be switching to a matchbox dizzy before it hits the water anyway. The chain steering wheel will be thrown in the scrap pile as soon as I find a new one, it doesn't feel very good in the hands and I would be a little afraid that a finger might slip in one of the links and "snap" that would ruin my day. Thanks for the heads up on the jet oil, I plan on changing the fluids in the jet and engine in the next few days. I may need to get some detailed info on the throttle brackets that you guys run, I don't think I am getting full throttle. I also noticed that both of your guys boats have bimini tops, are they universal fit tops or did you have them made?

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Cleaned out the gas tank and replaced the fuel gauge gasket, had to make a new gasket out of some gasket material I picked up at the auto parts store. The tank is almost ready to go back in the boat just needs a good ole Ratsun sticker.



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Great pix & i like how your kickin ass on getting it ready. My boat has tracks that the bimini top slide / attach to where as Steroids bimini attachs to the side rails. I dont think they were sold with them so what we have was added by previous owners. May i suggest a primer bulb for the carb. ? I put one on mine to help fire it up quiker after its been sitting awhile & i love it. If you need more pix lemme know & if you like ill make you a throttle cable bracket like mine. All id need is a pic of the part where it attaches to the carb.

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Here is a pic of the Hull # cast in the back of my boat and a pic of the trip tabs. Have you rebuilt your wheel house? I will be rebuilding mine and was hoping that one of you guys have done the same thing and might have some pics.



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Thanks. I feel that Your boat was the 2nd one made in January 1975. Mine was the 18th boat made in October 1974. You have the exact same trim plates I have on My boat. The other two boats I own are: 00600575 (60th boat built May 1975) and 00200175 (20th boat built in January 1975). If this is true, Your boat was built 18 boats ahead of one I own ! !  

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Anyone have any info on the boat in the pic below? I like the steering controls off set and I would like to see a few upclose pics of this boats controls. I also like the idea of running a gas pedal like most of the other jet boats.



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That boat is owned by a guy in Riverside County. He ended up with the hatch that belonged on Marks boat. I forget what His hull number was but Mark might know how to reach Him.


We have had discussion on higher horsepower engines. The impeller will only displace so much water (unknown just how much) before it becomes impractical and turning so high that it will destroy itself. I am not going to add a bigger engine than what was designed with these parts being hard to find and almost 40 years old. If I want a faster/stronger boat I will buy an Outboard with a slick hull. Mine suits Me just fine.

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