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Adjusted Valves, now wont idle and backfires?


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I adjust my valves today, man were the intakes waaaaaay off, I set the intakes at 20mm and the exhaust at 25mm like the book said, when I rotated the engine for #1 tdc I also watched to make sure the rotor was at number one position, I followed the firing order when I did this 1-3-4-2, now since I adjusted the valves the truck wont idle, and it back fires like crazy, what the hell did I do wrong? the truck is a 79 l20b

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i set mine at like .008 and it is still a bitch to fire cold (carb issues) but runs like a top warm now. my book said .020 as well but i went off what i ahve read on here and other places. it might be that they are not opening far enough. also when i did mine i just popped the cap off and layed iot over on the pass fender. that way i wouldn't screw the timing up. it also sounds like the timing isn't right. check your base time and see where it sits. it may be off a few degrees.

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I pulled a rookie mistake, i had teh 3 and 4 wires in the wrong spot, just got back from taking it on a test drive, man the truck has never sounded so good

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lol I have done that too. Glad you found the issue.


I was so pissed off too. I just walked away from it, came in the house and sat here for a min and said "FUCK" and walked right back out there and swapped them:lol:

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dont be sorry ... rookie :lol:

i use the wire mount clips to keep em in order ;)


hehe, I had tape with each plug # on them, but my jack ass cousin thought it would be funny to move the tape around

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:lol: family :fu:


next time take him on a test drive, ask him to get out and check the strange noise in the rear...

...then take off and leave him there :w00t:


the fucker wont get into the truck because it belonged to our grandfather:blink: they really didn't get along too well:D

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Little plastic things that come on a loaf of bread work GREAT for labeling plug wires and vacuum lines


****NEWS FLASH****


A man was arrested today at the grocery store for stealing those little clips that hold the bread bag closed. I tell you, those Datsun fanatics are just everywhere! That's it for now...more news at 11.



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