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The first 510 I saved

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So I thought that there were no pictures ever taken of this car... it wasn't my first 510, or datsun for that matter but its the first one I saved.


I found it in the little nickel for $100, it didn't even say 510 on the add, but I called and it was... it sat in this old mans barn for 11 years, I had to replace all the brake lines cause the the brake fluid was crystalized all the way through, the carb was gummed up too bad to get it to work even after dissassmbling it completely. I found a guy with a completely rotted 510 with a weber on it and bought it for $60, bolted it on and the thing fired right up after priming the fuel pump with new fuel. I had to put a new gas tank in it cause the old guy took the old one out a set it in his field "upside down so it wouldn't rust", it was rusted bad... but I got a new tank from one of my brothers old datsun buddies for $10. The 200sx wheels I got from a wrecking yard as a set of 5 for $20, put on new tires, new front pads and daily drove this bad boy after a little bit of cleaning. This is the car I miss the most... I learned a lot about car working on this one, and did a lot of stuff to it...


In the end it had a Z IR alt, H4 (80/100) headlights, a cd player, sub and amp, honda civic buckets, 200SX wheels, chopped springs, EI dizzy, 200SX front struts and brakes, dual 1157 taillight upgrade, factory tach, maybe more... thats all I can remember...


so here it is... ignore that guy there, thats my bro.


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Yeah man... clean? shit it only had surface rust... I could have block sanded the car and painted it... done.


Heres the sad part... I sold the car to my brother, who had a box flared pearl white everything done to it kinda car in the garage... he pulled all the "good parts" that he didn't have off of it, motor, rear end, and a few other things... and then sent it to the crusher... broke my heart.


He didn't even ask if I wanted the shell...

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