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Happy 510 Day!

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I COMPLETELY spaced that it is 510 day today!


I didn't drive my 510 and I didn't arrange for a BBQ or anything!


My 510 even tried to tell me it was 510 day and almost ran away because I forgot. I parked it in my driveway 2 days ago to put the S13 in the garage for drift day prep.


When I looked out the window this morning I about had a heart attack because I saw that the 510 some how had moved back and was almost off the sidewalk and rolled into the street!


I ran outside and found the 510 to be in undamaged condition. I jumped in and found that it wasn't in gear and the e-brake was on lightly so it had just rolled down the driveway.


When I suddenly realized that it is 510 day I know why my 510 tried to run away because I forgot about 510 day!


Is anyone doing anything on this most sacred Datsun holidays?

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There's only two things in the Datsun world I am jealous of, and one is 510 day. Us 'lil B110 guys don't get our own day.


It would be a little cold for a BBQ in the winter but I would show up for your 1-10-08 BBQ I will even drive my 1200 :D Which I drove to Bellingham the other day with no problems, well except the smell of gas :D

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