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Need a speedometer gauge for my 80 720.

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I am trying to replace my broken speedometer cable on my 2wd 80 720.

The cable on the truck now is shorter and the connection at the speedo gauge is completely different than the one I got from Advance Auto ordered under an 80 720.

The previous owner installed a gauge cluster is from an 82 4wd a couple of years ago due to the original one not working right.


So I guess get a cable for an 82 4wd? Are the fittings at the trans the same? (5 speed manual on my 80 truck)


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Yes your going to have to either find an early speedo with the proper connection and put it in your instrument cluster, or buy another cable that fits your speedo.

If the cable is yours now, and is not returnable, then maybe you can slide back the keeper and duct tape it to the speedo connection.

I likely have the speedo assembly that you need to fit the cable, is yours a thread on or half twist on type?

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I don't know what the 80 came with. The one on it now from an 82 is the half twist I think with a snap ring halfass holding it in place


Worse problem now. My wife was helping me clean up shit before I went to the damn parts store and dropped the f'ing speedo gauge on the concrete and busted the face into three pieces. I'm stumped now.

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The '80 should have square gauges,.... is the one that was put in round??? 


Get an '80 speedo gauge. Done.



Worse problem now. My wife was helping me clean up shit before I went to the damn parts store and dropped the f'ing speedo gauge on the concrete and busted the face into three pieces.


How did you get your truck into the kitchen?????????

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I was trying to replace the speedometer cable in my 80 2wd 720 and run into a problem because the cluster was from an 82 4wd (PO replaced cluster) and the fittings and length were wrong on the cable I got at Advance.

Original topic here:



Well, now I have another problem, so forget that one!

Wife was helping me clean up before going to parts store to return the wrong cable, and she dropped the speedometer on the concrete and broke the face into three pieces and the needle. So looks like I now need a damned gauge! Anybody got one or know someone who does?

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Yeah, but mine is broken! I superglued and duct taped the backside. But still would like another if not too expensive.


EDIT: superglue didn't hold...dammit! Definitely need a new gauge.

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Is this the speedo connection type you have? THIS is what the cable I bought has.





Or do you have this type connection? THIS is the connection my speedo in the truck has, the 82 4wd gauge.



If you still have it how much would you want for the first gauge? Since my current one is broken I may as well get the gauge to fit the cable, the proper one for the truck.

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I do have the trip meter on mine. And 134561 is closer to my mileage. Original non functioning gauge cluster previous owner replaced showed around 123K when he replaced one month before I bought the truck. "New" one shows 145761 now, had a little over 140K when I bought it in July 2011.


Here is a pic of my cluster when it worked and also before I blacked out the 4wd dummy light:




(Edit: just thought of this!) And just out of curiosity you wouldn't have a clock you'd want to sell with it would you? Or know where I could get one?

The crappy Walmart velcro one in my picture fell off the dash and onto the pavement...broken.

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.... the issue is that I only have one trip meter clear plastic cover left, and I am not inclined to let it go, does you old speedo a trip meter?


Just get the non trip meter clear plastic lens up to 'room' temp, locate and drill out the hole. Obviously tape both sides to minimize any 'blow out'...etc.

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Ok, then I want $35.00 shipped, it just gets you the speedometer itself with 134561 miles on it, no front clear cover.

As far as I know, the trip meter works, but I don't know it for sure, as these were grabbed a long time ago, and I don't remember where any specific one came from anymore.

The issue is going to be when I can find the time to ship it.


Let me know what your going to do.



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