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So yeah. Just a quick stupid question. I did some quick research but the answers I found were not very helpful.


What kind of pulling power does the 620 have? (On a trailer of course! I'm lowered! lol)


Specifically, I want to pull around whatever little (and I stress little.) junkyard bits I find around. Do you guys think it'd tow a full ton behind it on a trailer?



-Edward K. A.


I think I have the L18 engine. But since I'm still totally new to this vehicle I'm not entirely sure. XD 

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It's not so much how much power you have... it's more how much you weigh vs how much what you are towing weighs. I could be wrong but not more than the load capacity of your truck... 1,000 pounds or so including the trailer? One of the scariest things imaginable is getting on the brakes in an emergency with a ton of useless weight tied to your bumper by essentially a large door hinge.

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