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Lynx D1600 SU intake

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80 bucks plus shipping

No linkage included



Ports are 40mm, so 38s can be used, or opened up to 46mm

Head side is 1.25" and can also be easily opened up to 1.5 if need be.






Comparison to the K14 intake


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betting it would be perfect on an LZ hybrid with 240z Carbs


Yeah....just open up the backside of the intake to match the head ports....if they are 1.5

Also....I wouldn't even bother running the throttle linkage from the top. Grab an L6 throttle bar and shorten it, weld on a Hitachi trunnion and pull from the bottom as I did here



hey nice intake. could you tell me the exact highth of your manifold it looks slightly shorter than the stock mani. in photo thanks in advance Ricky



interested. 94550?

 30 bucks


Lynx on left....K14 on right


Those are 46mm isolators....soooo...not much grinding to open it up a little more




Not sure how this would work on the Lynx with 38s.....should be a close fit to cycle the throttles....but

25 bucks


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