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  1. For what it’s worth I had a really nice white background Washington plate gifted to me for my 620 I tried to use it for my truck and 2 Dol locations said no because it was for a car not a truck. the third DOL I went to had no problem with it and it’s been my license plate for a few years now. Good luck
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    Looking for a complete dash preferably cracked. I’m pulling the dash assembly of my 79 and need a dash to put back in. Before I can sell the truck so I’m looking for one in average cond. I have 620 parts I could trade trying to keep it on the cheap.thanks. Ricky . I have two parts trucks that have many parts in exchange (73 standard and 77 king cab also have a stripped titled 79 king cab )


    Vancouver , Wa

  3. I’ve done 90% of this truck myself. I’ve played with the bender, def not my thing. I could do it but I know it would totally frustrate me and the end result would just not be up to my standards. Nope this needs a professional
  4. Hey I removed all my lines across the firewall on my 620 and was going to have them re-produced. The shop that I was going to use has since closed the doors. Does anybody know anywhere here in the Northwest that can replicate the factory lines or is there any companies out there selling them pre-made?
  5. Still can’t figure out what this goes to .you would think something would come up on the Internet .anyone?
  6. I got mine tonight for 20 bucks it’s a great deal made by TRW I think the seller has about five left
  7. Exact fit nos aftermarket windshield washer pump Jackies*repeat* boutique 20.00 shipped
  8. The Vin plate that I were looking at are coming out of Australia not that that makes any difference
  9. Just emailed them I’m crossing my fingers that they make one for the 66 roadster
  10. Just read the eBay description .they will stamp the Vin number for you ! how awesome is that? I would’ve paid a lot more than 30 bucks for sure ..so cool
  11. Holy cow that may be the answer ! When I get home from work tonight I’ll have to look at my vin plate and see if it is correct . if so I’m sure a jeweler or somebody like that can stamp the numbers to the plate and make it correct-ish thanks!
  12. OK . so I bought a 1966 datsun spl311 and for some strange reason the previous owner drilled a half inch hole right through the center of the Vin plate for racing hood pins. to me this is almost a dealbreaker as far as putting any real money into a restoration. Has anyone out there had that kind of repair work done? Or re-made thanks.
  13. I always thought the inner liner was a 79 only thing on all 620 trucks. I used the oem liner and made a trellis of small steel square tubing, following the the contour of the liner. I wellded it onto the inner liner. Then I had it rhino lined and installed it on my gate . it’s is heavy but very rigid it works great.
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