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Charging issue - 1970 510 4dr


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I did some searching prior to posting this thread but I am still unable to resolve the issue. The 510 is completely stock with the L16.


-New voltage regulator

-New alternator


'CHG' indicator light is on. The system is not charging the battery.


The alternator is the Hitachi, externally regulated of course. I double checked all connections, I am beginning to consider the idea that the 'new' alternator is a lemon. I checked that I have +12V going to the 'F' terminal (sense) on the Alt., and I do. Belt is good, not slipping at all. When running, I do not have a voltage increase out of the alternator. This is beginning to drive me crazy!


Any help is appreciated!



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I have seen bad regulators out of the box. My friend actually went through 2 bad ones at Napa, and finally a 3rd one worked.


You say you dont see an increase of voltage. What voltage do you see at the positive battery post when running?

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Prior to a deep cycle charge, I started with about 12.5V at the terminals with the car off. After starting the car and running it several times over the course of an hour I was down in the 11V range and this is when things got more weird. Car would crank, but not start. Car would start right up with jumper cables from another vehicle. Apparently 11V will not excite the ignition system???


Back to your question - Currently I am near 14V at the battery terminals with the car off. This does not change when I start the car. Obviously the voltage will drop again because the battery is supporting the running car without being recharged by the alternator.

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