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Too many 620 parts, they need a new home..

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Cool, I have paypal what else would u need ?


So you want the 280zx lower water neck($20) and the two headlight trim rings($10 ea). Make a total of $45.35 With shipping.


Those headlight rings actually will not fit into the small flat rate box and i have to use a medium, but i will honor the shipping price that i gave you for the small box.




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I live in shrwood. you still have that box of webbers? and you think i could put a complete carb together with all that?


I do still have that box of weber's.

I probably have close to all the parts to build a complete except for the choke shaft and plates. I can look, i might have those too.

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I do still have a headlight switch, not sure what the difference from early to late is in these switches. This one looks just like the stock one in my 76. It also has the fiber optic cord on it still.



do you have an extra head light switch or this the only one.. for how much ?? I need one bad lol.

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I'm not sure either.... I'm just starting a 620 build and I'm more familiar with the 720's. Maybe the older ones didn't have the fiber optic? If you have one without that'd be awesome. No sense wasting a fiber optic one on my rig that is going to be my girls wheeler..... But I'll take what I can get being that there isn't one in the truck as is sits now...


I'd rather not hack into the factory wiring. I did with my 720, it works, but has had issues with it vibrating loose.

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