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Too many 620 parts, they need a new home..

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Any chance you would have a pair of side mirrors for a 1976 Datsun 620?

I am new to this forum & have been having trouble locating a pair.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!


I have a chrome pair from a 720, they are filthy but should clean up quite well.
They have some white paint over spray on the bottom of the mount that will probably clean off easily, and somebody put those little round spot mirrors on them and the sticky tape from those needs cleaned off.

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Hey, i was interested in the shifter with the knob on it, is it a 4 speed? My shipping zip is 91343. Do you have a fan shroud too? Thx.


The shifter knob is for a 4spd. PM me if you want to arrange payment and shipping.

I do not have any fan shrouds.

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Do you have a blower motor for heater?


Somehow i missed that you posted this..Sorry


I have the blower motor pictured on the first page, but I am not positive what it fits. Its a 620, 240z or Infiniti M30. Those are the three vehicles that i have parted out.

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