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Too many 620 parts, they need a new home..

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I have way too many 620 (and 510,521) parts being stored. Almost everything listed should fit in flat rate boxes. All prices do NOT include shipping. Paypal OK. All prices OBO. All parts are "USED".

If you want Insurance or tracking numbers, speak up before items are paid for or shipped.

I want this stuff gone, if you dont like my price or feel i unreasonably priced something feel free to make offers. I want this stuff out of my storage space.

Lower heater hose housing. $10

Pair of BOSCH mercedes high beam clear lenses. $25

Pair of old school style off road lights, nothing DOT approved about these. $20

Headlight boots. I have at least 5 of these as extras.

Factory horn button to a 720 ST. $25

Spare tire crank assembly to a 620. $20
Heater core to a 620, was supposed to be recently clean out shortly before i got it in a parts truck. $20

620 trans tunnel cover. $15

79 620 windshield wiper motor, may fit other years. They did change in the later years. Worked when removed. $25


Various 620 dash knobs.
Wiper knob, fiber optic style. $5 each SOLD
Winged style, not backlit. $10 SOLD
Dimmer knob, $5
620 ignition switch bezels and backing plate. $5
Cigarette lighter, couple of different styles. $5 each
Fasten seat belts assembly for the top of the 620 dash. $5
Dash vents, four that match without chrome handle. one with chrome handle. $5 each. Do you see a pattern here? SOLD

Two 620 center vent on front heater pull knobs. $5 each
Three 620 brake adjuster dust boots for the backing plates. $5 for the three.
One factory phenolic spacer for Hitachi carb. $5

Pair of 620 windsheild wiper arms. $20 SOLD
Stock windshield washer bottle, unknown if the motor still works. $10

Pre 75 620 cab vents. Both of these fit the same side, but i dont know which side. $5 each
620 window crank handles. I have at least 5 extras. The first two sold will also include the spacer that goes between the handle and the door panel. $5 each.
620 interior door pull, blue in color. Not cracked. $10
One rear marker lense for a 620. Lense shows crack lines, but still intact in one piece. $5


Three trim rings for a 620 marker light, fits front or rear. $5 for all three.
Two interior dome light covers, neither is in great condition, but still complete. $5 each
Standard cab 620 headliner trim for the back of cab corners. $5 pair
Front turn signal assemblies, lenses show cracks, but are still one piece. $20 each
620 ignition switch with key and bezel. Currently unknown switch condition, wil test it in my truck before a deal is made. $20

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Weber stuff

Box full of Weber carb parts.
Three bottom halves(one manual, two electric), one top half missing chokes shaft parts.
Two L series weber adapters.
One air cleaner, doesnt fit a DGV, not sure what it fits.
One chrome air cleaner top.
One carb top adapter to ??, not sure what this went to but dodge d50 comes to mind.

The box of stuff $45, or will separate out the L series adapter for $15 each.  SOLD

The small red box of jets is NOT included.

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More stuff

Three steering column upper trim for a 620. None are perfect, damaged somewhere. $5 each
Two tach delete trim pieces for 620, one early style, one late style(one missing center button). $5 each
Four inner door handle trim for a 620. Two left, two right. No mounting screws. $5 each
Radio delete plate for a 620. $25

Heater control assembly for a 620.
One with fan switch and cables $10
One with fan switch, without cables $5

One upper control arm for a 720, dont remember which side though. $20

Tested 620 guage cluster, $30


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Wil. The 280 zx style lower heater hose outlet Fit a 78 620 ? And Also interested in both grill rings. Are they still available ?


The 280zx heater hose outlet is often used in a 620 when a larger alternator is installed. And both grill rings are still available.

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Ok so I kept seeing the clock and or tach in the pics but no price lol. Im interested in it if its a clock or tach for the 620. Please let me know if it works and how much shipped to 27712.





You are seeing a non-working factory clock, it is pending payment right now. If it falls through i can let you know.

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