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Putting 5 speed into 1976 single cab 620? need help


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as long as it is a longtail transmission wich is the most comon one it will bolt right in

just to be sure check the length of yours and then measure the new one should be about 31 inches if my memory is correct

also make sure it is in fact an l series tranny

good luck Randy

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Hey guys. im 16 and new to datsuns. got a 1976 620 single cab with the 4 speed. i have the option of buying a 5 speed and was wondering if it bolts right in without new parts or does the drive shaft have to be shortened? any input would help. thanks guys


Nothing wrong with a 4 speed, in fact it's just as fast as a 5 speed actually. If you drive exclusively in town or rarely out on the highway then a 5 speed isn't really of much use to you. The intent of a 5th overdrive gear is to reduce engine RPM out on the highway while cruising along to improve gas mileage. It should never be used for passing, towing or climbing steep hills.


Your '76 will have a long F4W71B 4 speed which just happens to be the same length of the FS5W71B 5 speed. It will drop in with no modifications other than keeping your release collar and speedometer pinion in the tailstock of your 4 speed. The release collar is matched to your present clutch size and your speedo pinion is likewise matched to your rear end ratio. The 5 speed may have a different collar and speedo pinion in it.


Sources of FS5W71B 5 speeds that will fit (and work) in your L series motor :

'77-79 620 truck*

'80 720 truck*

'77-'78 280z car

'79- '83 280zx car**

'79-'80 810 car

'81-'84 Maxima


* The '79 and '80 truck 5 speed has a wide ratio gear set

** The '80-'83 280zx have a close ratio gear set with extreme overdrive 5th gear ratios.


All other years are a mid ratio in between.

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