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i need a header!!

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make one ;) you are a welder, right?


Jock out at Bill's Datsun Shoppe in Clackamas has headers in stock, but he wants like $225 for them.


Nissan Motorsports still has the long tube L20 header for a 510, last I checked.. I think they are in the $300 range. Troy Ermish also reportedly has them for the same price.


Build a turbo manifold and we can be L20 turbo twins!

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okay, i picked up both of them (long tube) one is fairly thin twords the collector and even rusted through. the other is still pretty solid with just typical surface rust. Got them both for $40 so i won't be too sad if i cant make them work. Tomorrow i'll test fit the "good" one, see if it clears the pcv/block/bellhousing/floor. if not, i'll try the shitty one and chop and weld until i've got something that will work.


still, if anyone has a spare laying around, let me know...i don't know how long either of these will last even if i can make something fit

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always ck those headers and make sure they mate flush with the intake manifold when using those thick washers. Some headers flanges are thin and need a special washer set up , the intake/exhaust washer wont mate flush.

Just to let you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YES YES Hainz...one of the first things on my mind as i drove away. Depending on how well things work, i'll either make some washers, or possibly machine (nismopu) a new flange.


hopefully i will get some time to screw with it tomorrow.

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