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High flow EGR valve :)


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i was tinkering with things, making adjustments and for all intents and purposes on the never ending quest to get this 620 running perfectly. when i took off the egr and cleaned the gunk out. thats when i discovered i had a high flow EGR setup.... FML




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I think all the 1977/1978 had the high flow EGR. It dilutes the intake charge more than the previous years. The exhaust gas goes in the intake and keeps the combustion temps down.


The good thing about EGR is that it turns off at full throttle, so it does not affect peak HP.

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im not sure what I'm gonna do about that just yet.. i got another .. EGR manifold thing.... on my spare engine i can put on there. but I can't afford to down my Datsun while i do it since i bonked up my camaro.. imma go drive it around and see how she do.

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If it`s aluminum and you have access to cutter wheels and a sander.. I cut one down for my sons ,,so to still have pcv valve in stock position,, and after it was cut and sanded down I plugged all but the pcv opening with that epoxy you roll in your fingers..The picture shows metal hex sticking out side but that bump was later cut off and hole plugged.. Can`t show you pictures of it because it`s on my teenagers car ,,,driving around somewhere right now...



(edit),,,JB weld would be a good " right now " solution.



wife took today off to do some paralegal " malarkey " on my " Ratsun " computer so my son got some free intake clean-up..

...I did it this way because PCV hose will be all in the same spot and wont have to reroute.

I am going to have him epoxy up exhaust re-circulation hole and sand smooth later ..but for now it`s done.








Cut off tubes and sanded on disc sander..








Going to also find hex plug for the shiny plug on side ..........maybe




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Maybe i shouldn`t have touched it .. :lol:

kinda glad you did. if u hadn't i wouldn't have found it.. but, since the opportunity presents itself... i shall assign blame.. lol


JB Weld. Good to go.


yup. im scrubbing it with acetone and hitting it with 80 grit getting it ready.

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any thoughts on just getting rid of the whole damn thing and putting a plate on the side of the intake?


Yes alot of people do it that way,, but you have to thread the hole so you can screw pcv valve.

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I took a piece of 1/4" steel(it's what was laying around), made a template, and drilled holes to fit the bolts through. A gasket and 3 bolts later, EGR deleted. Of course, you have to address the PCV valve issue, which can be added into the block off plate.

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heh heh heh... check this out.




took some carbon fiber and jb weld..



impregnated the carbon fiber with the JB weld



trim to fit




coat the aluminum with JB weld and slap the patch on



stole the wifes seran wrap



make sure the patch is on there nice and tight...


we will see in a few hours how well it holds. the manifold is still warm so it will help speed the cure of the epoxy.

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its interesting to see that nissan has been using the EGR system since the 70s. i say this coming from the 240(sx) community where discussions of egr delete,etc are very common.

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You could get yer self a older manifold that doesn`t have any of that stuff on it..like these. A bit more work but it does clean things up a bit....I could probably be persuaded to trade one of them for a shifter arm, and a 4speed clutch fork and collar...







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