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Worth 4x4 conversion


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I recently found a 1978 620 w/factory ac, 5 speed, blue interior, and disc brakes. It's white in color, and has a perfect strait body. The interior looks like its been in a time capsule, no tears or rips anywhere. No tach or clock :( but pretty much perfect in every way. Oh and I got it for free! Put a battery in it and drove it home! Guy thought it was ugly and it belonged to his dad when he died 5 years earlier. Anyway I was wondering if I would hurt the value to do a "dealer" 4x4 conversion if I'm careful to use period stuff? What wheels did dealers use in conversion? Trying to be as close to factory/dealer perfect as possible.

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I will get some pics up today ASAP, on my way to junk yard now, there is another 620 with blue interior there with perfect carpet, so I can have extra if needed. Also does anyone know if the AC switch in a 280 is the same as the 620? I need one and they are hard to find! :(

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Why bother converting to a 4x4?????? a week later after you get it done there will ba a 4x4 620 kingcab with a blown head gasket for 500$on Gregslist. Or a complete one for $500 a guy I met at the gas station got. Perfectly running good.I couldnt believe it.


I say lower your 620 it call it good and find a cheap 4x4 like a Cherokee/toyota truck on the side.


over the years I seen 3 620 4x4s in my neiboorhood. 2 for sale cheap and one in drive way went to the junkyard

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If you are worried about retaining the value...well, I wouldn't worry about that :lol:


If you have the skills, money and want a 620 4x4, do not build it period correct. Build it correct for this time period with easily available parts, finding a Dana 20 transfer case adapter for the datsun 5 speed will not be easy. A divorced transfer case form a 720 4x4 might be a decent option.


I have a 'dealer converted' 4x4 and will be fixing the 'period correct' shortcuts taken when I swap in a new front axle and suspension. The biggest issue I have is the lack of thought put into the steering on mine. :sick:



If I had the $ it would be coilovers and a 3-link, alas it will be done with leaf springs and the shocks that are on it. :)

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