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710 front end similar?

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I own a 74 710 2 dr post you can read the story in death of a 710 but any who, I am curious how close the front end of a 710 is to a 510 IE.. (LCA), tie rods pretty much the whole set up i am in the process of a swap and need fresh bushings and i would like to make them poly urithane (sorry for my spelling) and i know they sell them for a 510 the whole kit and kaboodle but nothing to be found for a 710 plus 3T makes a few other parts i am looking into that fit a 510 and i would like to know if they will fit a 710 they look very similar from what i have been seeing but in doing my VG swap im starting to realize the minor differences from a 510 to my 710. i will have pics up soon hopefully if you cant wait i do have them uploaded to instagram do to the simplicity of posting just search harlequinhippy and you can see the progress or patiently wait till i post here :) obviously not in this thread its not the right one for builds hahaha just for suspension problems which is what im having any help is much appreciated and critisism will be read but depending on the type probably not heard thanks much have a nice day

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Not keen on poly urethane. Way too stiff and no internal give to absorb vibration. They can chafe and then the wear out and they can squeak. Used on the tension rods they don't give at all and the rod has to bend around them. This constant bending leads to sudden failure. There is an article in the Dime Quarterly on how to drill holes in them to increase the flex to avoid this. I would just avoid the poly in the first place and replace with new rubber if the old are worn out.


Had some polly on my leaf spring and shackles. Took them out and the holes are now oval.

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I have heard that about them but stiff is what I'm going for its a partial track/street car and brakes I'm not worried about I'm upgrading thanks for the info datzen mike will be highly reaserched before purchasing and your goon suspension threat was very informative if not for that I would have never learned about a split coller. Spelling is bad sorry. I will let you know how inyerchangable it all is once I get cash for progress hahaha any other feedback is appreciated

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Try installing a spell check on your computer. Kind of a pain in the ass going back to correct but it remembers your more common mistakes and offers suggestions. My work 'puter does not have this and when I get home I go through my posts and find all these spelling errors??? I don't worry about other's spelling... sometimes it's a mis-key like hitting the key beside the one you want. Your inyerchangable is an example. It's all good I get what you're saying.


Yeah the split collars I ordered for my wife's car came as the single piece with single Allen screw in them. It would have worked but you have to slip them on from the top and slide then down. I already have the gland nut tightened down and I'm not taking them off. Sent them back for the right ones.The two piece simply slip around the strut and assemble, and this may come in handy some day for removing them..

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Yeah I'm going to get the singles due to having to build it all anyways and hopefully I wont have to send them too hahaha as far of the TC rods I'm going to buy the aftermarket ones from Techno toy or there is a Guy here on ratsun who donates to ratsun I'm not sure his name ATM. That is the are the same as a 510 610 710 I still have more research to do but you guys and a few other Satsuma people agree there pretty much identical. I just want to get it right as to not waste money that could be used for the build

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