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  1. 710Hippy

    WTB back end of 510 or 610

    Thanks for the input its a slow process
  2. 710Hippy

    1975 620 4x4

    can you send me pictures please and some info like mileage tire life ect 710hippy@gmail.com
  3. 710Hippy

    WTB back end of 510 or 610

    looking for any irs parts available thanks :)
  4. 710Hippy

    Meet Violet my 710 Vg 30

    not much to report but i got her off stands today cleaned the garage and sprayed her down made a clean inviroment for working hoping to get more done tomorrow but i took oics
  5. 710Hippy

    IRS on a 710

    Dastsunitis i already got hahaha as far as return on investment the only reason im ivesting any and all thing to this car is for me and me only weather or not people like it so no worries there hahaha i have front coilovers and a great team of mechs so i know if its possible we can do it now since i have no plans what so ever to get rid of this car i have no need to worry of the street value but i do understand what your saying but i would like to build something that i know i want and make it my own hahaha that is with the help of everyone here who have already helped me out or might in the future you guys keep me motivated THANKS!!! :D ^_^
  6. 710Hippy

    Meet Violet my 710 Vg 30

    thanks again
  7. 710Hippy

    710 front end similar?

    the 510 crossmember can work for my 710? i think its different a little from mine but if its the same i might have just solved my oil pan issue
  8. 710Hippy

    IRS on a 710

  9. 710Hippy

    Meet Violet my 710 Vg 30

    much appreciation Draker who's the owner?
  10. 710Hippy

    Meet Violet my 710 Vg 30

    oh next time im out t the motor i will check and as far as the harness new is the better way to go
  11. 710Hippy

    Meet Violet my 710 Vg 30

    Still new with terms too cas? and you have just helped so much i dont have the harness i was gunna pluck it from the junkyard but i would much rather buy new
  12. 710Hippy

    Meet Violet my 710 Vg 30

    got my camber plates today gotta wait till payday to get the inserts then the coilovers are done
  13. 710Hippy

    Meet Violet my 710 Vg 30

    really!!! sweet to be honest i dont know much about this engine im learning more as this build goes on but i mainly only know some of the l series im still relitivly new to datsuns
  14. if funds allow i hope it will be a one of a kind beast
  15. 710Hippy

    Meet Violet my 710 Vg 30


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