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six20 Speedometers?


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I have always seen 620's with speedos that only show mph. today I seen one that had kph as well. the kph was a set of small numbers next to the big mph numbers... what years were those in or were they a location specific option? are they rare? I know about the reverse ones that they got in canada but im interested in these u.s market gauges. let me know if you have any info...



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The one I have in my truck came from Canada and it has the KPH in big numbers, and the MPH in small numbers. Steroid (I believe) started a thread a couple years ago on this if I remember right and, I posted a picture of mine. It's probably in the truck section somewhere...

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Meanwhile in Canada..... '75-'77 had large mile outside and small Km inside. This was the 'soft metric' to get people used to the metric system. '78 and on were large Km with small miles inside. I think cars to this day still have both


My '74 710 has mile only speedometer.

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